Reviews for 'Simone' (possible spoilers)

Hopefully, on the fourth try, this thread will post. :slight_smile:

I saw Simone on Monday. I want my two hours back.

What was wrong with this movie?

  1. The virtual actress was wooden. Simone was supposedly an amazing actress. She looked like a mannequin. With the same facial expressions.

  2. By a quarter of the way through the movie, the story became stultifyingly predictable. The ‘surprise ending’ could have been announced by trumpeting angels and flaming letters a mile high, for all the surprise I felt.

And just what do they plan to do when little ‘Chip’ winces at the triteness starts to grow up? Or doesn’t, as the case may be.

Any differing opinions? Please? Tell me I missed something, so I can stop feeling bad for not having had any popcorn to throw at the screen.

Differing opinion here. I loved the movie. I have read other criticisms of the “woodenness” of the virtual actress’s acting. IMHO, that was exactly the point of the movie. To me, the message was:

a) A virtual actress could never compete with a live one, because a virtual actress has no soul. The woodenness of Simone’s acting was a reflection of the fact that she really was “wooden”, i.e. not alive. No matter how far the technology develops, there will always be something missing.

b) The celebrity-crazed public admires the “soulessness” of Hollywood. We worship actors and actresses, or at least the public images of actors and actresses, which are contrived, vapid, and wooden. We don’t realize that we aren’t getting to know the “real” person at all, because we are mesmerized by the facade.

I didn’t find the movie entirely predictable, and some parts that were predictable were fun to watch, especially the frenzy of the ending. In some ways, the twists were themselves parodies of Hollywood moviemaking with its obligatory action scenes, dramatic moments, and happy endings.

I enjoyed Simone as a subtly funny comedy that had some very smart things to say about the cult of celebrity. I thought that Al Pacino, Catherine Keener, and Wynona Ryder demonstrated the difference that real actors can make. I see very few movies, but this was one that interested me, and I was not disappointed.

I noticed that at, Simone got 50% positive reviews and 50% negative ones. Maybe it’s just one of those “love it or hate it” movies.

It’s a satire on the Cult of Hollywood. Don’t take things so literally.

As I said in the other thread:

Truman Show is one of my favorite movies…

and I still have no desire to see this movie.

But now after reading some of these reveiws, I may give it a go.

I thought it was pretty bad, with send-up of Hollywood cult stuff being not original or cutting at all. One thing would have redeemed it if he had been left in jail to rot for killing this imaginary person. Poetic justice foiled again for the happy ending.

Al Pacino just looked desperate throughout.