Does anyone here have any personal recommendations for great eating / drinking places in Reyjkavik, Iceland?? I’m paying a visit next week.

I have no recommendations, but I wanted to tell you how clever I thought the title was! I knew exactly what you meant.

I can offer my jealousy but that’s about it. Might I ask… is this business or just an incredibly cool vacation?

I was in Iceland many years ago and still have fond memories.
The people are great…just ask any clerk or taxi driver or whoever and I am sure they will point you in the direction of a good local pub and a place to eat well.

Wish I were going!

Have fun, and when you get back, drop a guick thread about how your trip went!

Another Doper popping in to say ‘cool thread title’. Wow.

Sorry, I don’t know jack about Reykjavík. Isn’t it a capital of that one little country–you know, the one with the volcanos and Björk? Yeah, that one. Nice place; hope to visit there myself.

You have no idea how much joy that post caused - I’m still smiling!
Thank you.

In reply for lieu - it’s a vacation, but in my business it could turn into good business links.

I’m looking forward to swimming in the big gurgly hot thing next week, by midnight sunshine!

Another admirer of the thread title. Well done! ::applause::

Don’t eat the hákarl.

If you’re going to go to a restaurant, make sure you take a small wheelbarrow to carry your money so you can pay your bill. When my ex went a few years ago, she couldn’t afford to eat in a restaurant even once.

Having said that…there is a wide and interesting range of stuff down at the grocery stores. There’s a crunchy snack which name escapes me now, which is sort of like potato crisps, but made with fish instead. Really. Then there’s sliced foal meat, rotten shark, and…hey, where are you going?..

Can now confirm that Duke is indisputably correct on this one!

It is without a doubt the most pricey place I’ve ever been to. Example: starters are about £15-20 ($25-33 USD) and main courses go into the stratosphere. A bottle of good New World wine that would retail around £5 / $8 at home, will appear on wine lists at around £40 / $65 (eg. Chilean Merlot).

Other hints: Icelandics are big on the word ‘lobster’ - every menu has lots of it. But don’t order expecting a big red shiny mollusc to turn up - they don’t actually have lobsters as we know them in Icelandic waters. What you will get is a plate of langoustines / Dublin Bay prawns. But they are delicious, as is the free-range lamb.

All that said, I managed to have one of the most memorable meals of my life in the ‘Laekjarbrekka’ which is located on Bankastraeti 2. Definitely recommended if you are taking a trip: the ‘lobster menu’ is a fantastic mix of langoustines tempura, grilled in garlic butter, and in a small puff pastry shell with a fantastic sauce. It has a very traditional, romantic dining room, lots of wood, oil paintings and candlelight.

If you want something different though, Iceland is the place to go. Stunning scenery and out-of-this-world free natural attractions (which makes up for the cost of the food I suppose .:smiley:

Drinking? sipping is more like it.

The high price of food is a mere tup’ence to the cost of drink. prepare to empty the bank account to get somewhat merry (if your from the new world, half your account for being dead drunk; weak 'merkin beer).

most of this is because that Iceland has a very high alcoholism rate and the high prices discurage binge drinking, and drinking period. but they do make a lovely and cheap (relative of course) moonshine, YMMV depending on your bank account size :slight_smile: