RFSIMS (Random Funny Stuff I Must Share)

My 75 year old mom has been visiting a friend in a convalescent home for the last few weeks while the friend rehabs from a fall. My mom talks to EVERYBODY, especially the “older folk” (her words) in the home. There is a woman there who, according to mom, appears to be in her 90’s and is always in a grumpy mood. The woman constantly complains about her “worthless husband”. The other day when mom greeted her with a “Good morning!” the old woman stopped her and asked sternly “Do you have a husband?” Mom replied “No, my husband died 2 years ago.” The old woman looked her right in the eyes and said “No wonder you’re so happy all the time.”

I am laughing out loud. You owe me a beer. :slight_smile:

Real old folks *do *look at the world from a different place than the rest of us, that’s for sure.