OK, this could probably be in GQ, since I’m guessing it has a real answer, but I think it will get more views here.

I noticed the Redskins put Griffin III on the back of his Jersey. Isn’t this incorrect, as the III is not part of his last name?

Isn’t he really Griffin, Robert III? Therefore the III is incorrectly placed on his uniform?

Rod Smart had “He Hate Me” on the back of his jersey. It’s not like he’s applying for Social Security and using his jersey as identification.

Wasn’t “He Hate Me” in the XFL?* I thought the NFL was really strict about that - e.g., they didn’t allow Chad Johnson to use Ocho Cinco on his jersey unless he legally changed his name.

*I know Smart played in the NFL, but I thought he had “Smart” on his jersey.

Not in the NFL he didn’t.

Besides, this isn’t my question. Im not concerned if it’s legal by NFL standards, I’m womdering if it is correct by known naming conventions?

I.e. III is an extension of his first name.

I don’t remember Ken Griffey Jr. having Griffey Jr. on his back. Just Griffey,

Probably a minor relaxation of the rule for marketing purposes. Sort of like Ichiro Suzuki being allowed to use his first name, not his last.

I’m sure its for marketing and selling jerseys. But that should be irrelevant to the do it the right way style of the NFL.

Ichiiro is the man’s last name, as I understand the naming conventions of the Japanese. So, when he comes to the states, it gets flipped properly to put his surname on the back. I believe in Japan, his name would be (changed to reflect western convention) Suzuki Ichiro

My point with Ichiro is he could have a brother named Yamaha, and they would both have Ichiro on his back.

(I’m sure someone who knows more about this will come along)

They changed the rules this year to allow suffixes on jerseys. I wonder why?

When in doubt - the answer is money. (the answer is money when not in doubt, too)

It seems to me that someone decided that RG3 was already a brand name. It’s the first one I can remember for a kid coming out of college since Neon Deion Sanders.

It probably occurred to them that a lot of jerseys would be sold, and having III after your name on the back looks pretty unique. The NFL couldn’t make annexception, so they permit all suffixes. I hadn’t heard that rule, but that’s the only reasoning could be, because it’s wrong, and to me anyway, looks dumb.

I think the NFL will come to regret this decision, when JR, II, III, iV, etc will start popping up. What happens if you are the first? Just put a roman I behind your name! That’s cool!

Maybe there won’t be a rush to add the suffixes. I hope not. They aren’t part of the player’s last name.

A nickname he HATED. It was hung on him by the FSU Marketing Dept. He was/is/always will be Prime Time - a nickname he got in high school.

fair enough. I remember Prime Time too, so the guy had two great nicknames to market off of. If I remember, he used them both.

although, I can see why he’d hate Neon Dion after having Prime Time

Sorry, that question was entirely rhetorical and a bit sarcastic.

You have it backward. His family name is Suzuki and his personal name is Ichiro. In Japanese he’s Suzuki Ichiro, and his parents are Suzuki Dad and Suzuki Mom; we’re used to calling him Ichiro Suzuki because that’s how our own names work. He had Ichiro in his jersey with the Mariners because that’s the way he likes it.

I don’t know how the NFL usually deals with Jrs. and IIIs but I don’t think there’s anything unusual about Griffin’s jersey. His name is Robert Griffin III, not Robert III Griffin.

Thanks for clearing up the Ichiro thing. I was close, but no cigar. I remember back in the 70’s a pitcher for the A’s named Vidal Blue used to wear Vids on his jersey. Then, when Ted Turner bought the Braves, he put the players nicknames on the back of their uni’s. So Jimmy Wynn’s shirt had “Toy Cannon” on the back. I wonder why that never took off? :rolleyes:

As for RG3, I believe you are incorrect. His last name is Griffin. His first name is Robert, III. Now no one is going to call him that, but think of any Junior you know. Like the Griffeys. He’s introduced as Ken Jr. I don’t know if Jr. Or III is officially part of the first name, but it certainly isn’t the Last name,

Oh, hell. I don’t care that much. I hate the jersey, thats all. And by STD. Naming convention, I believe it is incorrect. Maybe there IS no naming convention.

But it we done for marketing and money, and that’s what bugs me about it.

No, I’m pretty sure you’re wrong there. At most it’s separate from both names and is usually included with the last name.

I believe that baseball is somewhat flexible as to what’s on the back of the jersey. The Yankees don’t put anything, since a player should be recognizable by his number alone.

RG3 may have Griffin III to distinguish him from Cedric Griffin, a corner-back on the Skins. You’ll see all kinds of A. Smith’s to distinguish Alex from Justin (though Aldon Smith is also on the same team, so there’s that).

Just going off the most famous birth certificate I could think of, the last name is listed as “Obama, II.” Not that baseball is required to go by what’s on a player’s birth certificate in the first place, but on the forms I’m used to deal with, roman numerals and juniors are considered part of the last name or just listed in a separate category. I’ve never seen it listed as part of the person’s first name.

That’s probably the loophole the Redskins are using. They have two Griffins, so they have to differentiate them. One gets C. Griffin, but they call the other one Griffin III instead of R. Griffin.

And I’ll bet that if C. Griffin leaves the roster, Griffin will be “grandfathered” so he can keep Griffin III.

I’m not sure any loophole is necessary here. Do we know what the NFL’s rules on names are?

The NFL just started allowing extensions like that, “III” or “Sr.” (as I saw on a Lions defender last night). It’s new this year.

There is another Griffin on the team, Cedric Griffin. So the III notation also serves to differentiate the two. Coincidentally there are two RG3’s on the Redskins: Rex Grossman is also a third. Further, Roy Helu has Jr. on his jersey.