Rick and Morty -- the new animated show from Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland

New Rick and Morty Playstation 5 commercial:

They’ve just released the official trailer for season five. The show’ll premiere June 20:

That’s great!

I must express a hope that they find some other means of titling the episodes for this new season. One more massively-annoying attempt to shoehorn ‘Rick’ or ‘Morty’ into a parody of a Star Wars (or other sci-fi franchise) title, and I’ll scream myself into a Cronenberged state of inside-outness.

Here’s Vulture’s short article:

Well that was … wholly uninformative.

And if that wasn’t enough, they’ve just released the trailer for a brand new show, Rick and Morty Babies:


I wonder if I will still be alive when that actually does get made?

Looks awfully april foolish to me.

I bet you think the Pope looks Catholicish, too.

I can not wait for this. I saw the other day that they have begun writing season 7, so they have quite a few episodes written ahead of where we are now.

That’s a very Earth-centric thing to say.

Okay. I bet you think that the Space Pope looks lizardish.

And you don’t?!?!?

Season 5 Official Trailer #2

Here’s some news:


Anyone watch the Rick and Morty video game

Military aircraft such as the F-16 have a “pickle button” used for weapons release.

Can’t wait until June 20!

Just released the official season 5 #3 trailer.