Rick and Morty -- the new animated show from Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland

I checked her IMDB and I guess she has been in quite a few things, but nothing I’ve seen aside from Bojack Horseman, and I have zero memory of her character. Guess I just haven’t been watching the right shows. I always thought she was the best Friend, seeing as Ross, the largest one, refused to simply eat the other five.

I think drunk I texted my friends that it was “extremely meh” right after I watched it.

I think it may be that the other 5 episodes were excellent and this one was very ordinary. Do you think this one was a bringing-down-expectations episode to get us ready for more of the same in a month or are the writers setting us up for big stuff after the hiatus?

Well, that took a turn.

(my bolding)

That’s from Futurama (or is it The Simpsons? Looked it up, I was right with my first thought). An alien wonders why Ross doesn’t eat the other friends.

I’m a Futurama fan but hadn’t remembered this*–ignorance fought!

/ * I’ve never seen a single episode of Friends, so that might have something to do with that line not registering with me.

Lots of great fourth wall humor in this episode. I loved the cold-open and the scenes with the ghost of Joseph Cambpell, and the post-credits scene with Tad Man which had absolutely nothing to do with anything.

I’m a little disappointed that rick-plush.biz doesn’t actually have the off-model Rick plush for sale, though.

You mean Tag Man? Did you get any of that??

Tag Man! I’m a Tag Ass Man! I’m an Ass Man now!

I miss my wife.

I was a little ‘meh’ about this one (as with the train one from Season 4, referenced in this one).

I mean, noodling about story/narrative/fiction is always at least interesting, and this was interesting. (And I did like the “previously” scenes and the way they became more and more bizarre; nicely-done.)

But the events of this episode could happen to any characters, for the most part–any characters from almost any show, for that matter. And that’s not the case for the best of R&M. (For example, “Total Rickall” from 2015 couldn’t really have happened to any characters other than Rick and the Smiths.)

This one is still worth re-watching, though.

It occurs to me they missed using one of the most powerful story villains ever

Toby Con Tinued.

First half of it I was highly amused, second half-- highly confused. It did not help that I did not know who Joseph Campbell was, although I have heard of The Hero’s Journey. I right away recognized the mean R&M creator (as opposed to the nice guy creator) as the hack writer. All in all, I agree with Rick, an episode made for a handful of critics.

I suspect what makes this season so ‘great’, is they’ve really leaned into “People like Rick and Morty because when they get the jokes it makes them feel smart”

I may be the only one who thinks this and it most likely makes me a terrible person for feeling this way, but I don’t like Rick being nice for the sake of being nice. So I felt better about this latest episode when he unloaded on poor, overburdened Morty. Which is good because the thing that I like a lot is when Morty can get some of his back from Rick.

And this may have been a dig at fans who like to pick fights and be all around asshole fans but it says even more when the answer is to not be an asshole creator right back at them. Which, controversial again, I like it when asshole fans get clapped back.

I saw Adult Swim posted an announcement before the episode warning viewers the story would involve suicide and another one afterward with suicide and crisis lifelines. It made me wonder if AS had the original script changed so the subject matter would be treated more seriously.

“Is that man dead?”
“Everything that happens in here is confidential, right?”
“Everything except murder.”
“Then he’s fine.”

Great exchange.

My guess is that they got some backlash after the president of the Galactic Federation shot himself in the season 3 opener, and since the suicide scene in this episode is a lot more graphic and real, they wanted to make sure anyone in a bad place mentally was fairly warned. Adult Swim has allowed comedic depictions of suicide before, but there wasn’t much comedy in this one. Historically they haven’t censored much of anything aside from nudity and the Big Three curse words, except for back in the early 2000s when one of their S&P guys had a bug up his ass about people using the Lord’s name in vain and censored the “Sweet zombie Jesus!” in Futurama and wouldn’t let them air Rejected by Dan Hertzfeldt.

The latter at least produced a pretty funny episode of Aqua Teen Hungerforce where they kept calling Him “Gee Whiz” and Meatwad thought they were talking about Elvis.