Rick Harrison's Dad, the Old Man died

The Old Man was an important part of the show. He was featured a lot in the early seasons of Pawn Stars.

I liked his style of negotiating. Old Man Offers, $2000 Customer I’ll sell it for $2400? Old Man, I’ll give you $1700. :wink:

He meant it too. LOL

Was Richard featured this current season?

I haven’t watched Pawn Stars in a couple years. I remember he gradually was less involved in the show.

They mentioned he didn’t drive anymore. A shame because Richard had a great vintage car collection.

I haven’t seen the show in awhile, although I’m sure they probably still run marathons of it. He was an interesting guy, I sometimes wondered how much of the personality we saw was real and what was for the cameras. Had he been sick? I hadn’t seen anything at all until I read about his death this morning.

He looked and acted much older than 77. On the other hand in betting he lived the good life. RIP.

He grew up here in NC and after the Navy he spent time in San Diego. I think he did 20 years in the Navy

He’s definitely not on the current season. Probably not the previous one either (I have a hard time figuring out when seasons begin and end).

I just saw him on a segment last night (Rick was trying to get him to do a jigsaw puzzle to keep his mind occupied, he was having no part of that). Knew it was a rerun, but must’ve been from a previous season.

Wow. Sorry to hear this.

I grew tired of the show once it began to recycle the “Here is my thing, it’s worth this much, we’ll give you way less, OK I’ll take the deal” over and over.

Still, Old Man was a cool guy and a big part of the show and the store’s success.

Anyone who wears a Fedora is cool. :wink:

Richard always dressed very classy. I bet he really rocked the style in the late fifties.

I saw an update that said he’d battled Parkinson’s for awhile. That’s probably why he wasn’t on the show recently.

Imdb reports Richard was in 272 episodes

Rick is credited in 410

Corey 391

RIP, Richard. :frowning:

An English buddy of mine back in Bangkok is a fan of the show. A few years ago, he took his Thai girlfriend (now his wife) on a road trip in the US, with Las Vegas on the itinerary. They stopped in at the pawn shop. He was disappointed. No one from the show was working behind the counters, but there was a huge rack of T-shirts for sale.

I read that now the TV show people are not in the pawn shop very much and when they are there it’s mostly to film the show.

Just now stopped at Pawn Stars while channel surfing and immediately saw this exchange:

Rick (to Corey): “When was the last time you wore a tie?”
Corey: “Who was the last relative of ours to die?”
(both chuckling)

Weird timing. I felt compelled to share it here. :slight_smile:

he left one of his sons out of his will , a son that was not on the show

'Pawn Stars' Richard Harrison omits son Christopher Harrison from will

I look at the picture of the guy and can’t help but think that he should have gotten the role that Scarlett Johansson just got out of in ‘Rub And Tug’.

I noticed that story. Don’t know what it’s about, people probably assume some kind of bad relationship with the other son, but it may only mean that most of his estate was the business that he didn’t want broken up. He may have already taken care of the other son in some other way.

Did the brother appear on the show one time? I have some vague recollection about him stepping in to do something once.

There are three brothers. Corey is on the show full time. Another brother has appeared. The third one didn’t. During the Memorial episode the picture of the family when the kids were young had one of the faces blurred out.

I’ve seen speculation that the son has addiction problems and he didn’t want to feed the problem. Nothing verifiable.

Corey is the grandson of the old man - he is Rick’s son. Rick is the son of the old man so the guy left out of the will is Rick’s brother.

Well, that’s what happens when you lose your ticket.

I was wondering about Rick’s brother Christopher who was left out of the will.