Ricki Lake, Manhattan, and looking out for yourself first

I just got home from a trip to Manhattan. I was invited up by my friend Chris who was to be a guest on the Ricki Lake show (it was a webcam related thing). We had fun most of the time, and I got boo’d on Ricki Lake, which was fun (I was in the audience, and made a comment)… and apparently I was going to get to be an “actual guest” onstage today if I had stayed… but over the 3 days I’d been there, tension had really increased between Chris and I. I kept feeling that I was in her way, underfoot, bothering her, etc. And so I left early.

She got upset that I left early, but I had to. Staying would have been extremely uncomfortable for me and it isn’t fair to me to stay in an uncomfortable situation just to make her happy.

The vacation to Manhattan was nice overall though. Most of my trips into that city have been just day trips.

We ate dinner one night at a place called La Nouvelle Justine, which is a BDSM theme restaurant. Among the food and drink on the menu are such other items as “public humiliation” “spanking” and “foot worship” … in fact, a female customer from a nearby table was shackled to a wall, blindfolded, and flogged while we were there.

Well if anyone wants to know more details, I’ve written more extensively about the trip in my diary of 09-24-99, at http://opalcat.com/diary which you are welcome to read.

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My wife and I were audience members for a Ricki Lake show a few years ago. We did it just for fun while visiting family in NJ. We didn’t ask any questions, but we did sit second or third row center so we got a bit of TV exposure when it aired. Special surprise guest - Richard Simmons! He came into the audience during the breaks and we got to meet him. It was an interesting experience.