RickJay 4K: 4,000 Post Party

Four THOUSAND posts. Actually, this is #4,001.

I wonder how much, hour for hour, my employer has paid me to be on the SDMB. It’s gotta be a lot by now.

Woo hoo! I’m only 6 or 7 thousand posts behind the leaders.

No party for you until you apologize for slamming Peart in that Rush thread.

  • Jonathan “4K last week” Chance

(throws confetti)

Congratulations on slamming Peart in that Rush thread!

  • Joe (who likes drums that blend in the music)

I didn’t slam Peart. I slammed Rush and their lyrics. It’s the rule of flaming; you can flame the lyrics but not flame the lyricist. :slight_smile:

Oh…um, alright…You sure you don’t want to slam him just a bit?:stuck_out_tongue:

-Joe (who will be at 1K in a bit…)

Been there, done that. :wink: Congratulations!

Curiously, ‘been there, done that’ is Peart’s standard response for why Rush no longer does 20 minute epic songs.

I’m jealous. :slight_smile:

I heard Rush was from as far north as you can be. What are they… Minnesotan?
Congratulations Pokey.

I know they made their video “Limelight” in some ritzy studio in way upstate NY.