RickJay Baby Pictures!

Slowly, Mrs. RickJay is getting our baby pictures up for Madeline Claire. Since in my earlier baby announcement I was castigated for not providing pictures, here are a few:


I’m the ugly, sweaty dude in the bottom right pic. How pathetic is it that my wife looks less beat up than I do?

But what a cute baby!

You’re wife looks gorgeous! She had just had Madeline in that pic? Wow. After Bella I looked like I’d been hit by a bus.
Baby is beautiful too. Congratulations!

Can’t comment on your hideousness though; just getting a red X.

Farked already?

Congratulations again, RickJay Baby looks adorable and mother and father look ecstatic. Life does not get better. (Alright, it will when everybody is sleeping through the night :stuck_out_tongue: )

Awwww! I can tell she’s got that cute sweet little dimpled look from her mum :smiley:

No dice on the pictures now, though, too many people are trying to get to it…

I can’t see the pics. :frowning:

But congratulations anyway. Love the name!

Congrats on the new baby. I’m looking forward to being able to check out the pics. :slight_smile:

Ok, now that I’ve gotten to see the pics, I just wanted to add another note to say that the baby is adorable. Hehe…I have to admit I agree with you that it almost looks like the birth took more out of you than your wife, but I guess that just means she must be a pretty strong lady. :slight_smile: Best wishes to all three of you!

Ooooooooooh! She has the face of a little cherub! That chin! Sooo cute!


And you don’t look any more hideous than most men shortly after their baby is born - sure, it’s not physically demanding like mama’s job, but there’s a lot of stress and excitement going on for you, too. You’re allowed to sweat - it’s a tremendous time!