Ricky Ponting, yes you. You'll be eating marmite from a spoon this time next year.

Face it, mate, you and your bunch of over-hyped, over-the-hill cricketers are in for the mother and father of all whippings in the mother country. McGrath? pah! Lee? crook! Gillespie? gis a break. Warney? schmorney! Lehmann? You want fat, we’ve got Robert Key. And Harmie and Freddie will piss over the lot of you.

Bring it on, Tassie! The mugging you and your mates are going to get in 2005 will make 1985 look like John Howard going 10 rounds with Maggie Thatcher.

Stupid pom, why don’t you just wait until you win a match or two before bringing out the braggadocio? The addition of marmite to the topic makes this look a lot like the Thorpie vs Phelps thread yesterday, and you know how that one turned out…

Of course, you’ll be waiting a while since your team couldn’t beat the Namibian under-12s girls’ B team.

You don’t fool me, lambchops. No fair dinkum Aussie would admit to knowing a word like braggadocio. And those who fancy themselves as a bit of a Robert Hughes or Clive James would have to go abroad to learn how to spell it.

Can’t you wooses do any better?

Because England won six-of-six against the NZeds (admittedly, an impressive sweep, as the Silver Ferns have been a useful side of late) and the Windies (a shadow of the barnstorming side of the 70’s through 90’s), at home, they’re the favorites against the Aussies in Aussie? No, I don’t see it, even from my somewhat objective not-from-any-Test-nation standpoint. Too many holes in the batting, too much inconsistency in the fast bowling, and still no real match-winning spinner.

Now, if England plays at their best–the top order firing on all cylinders, Harmison bowling heavy, Flintoff eschewing the hoick and hook–they can beat Australia. I just don’t see it happening all at once.

[sub]The above lingo likely made no sense to my American compatriots. I make no apologies.[/sub]

Blimey, Dukie, I didn’t know the Inuit played cricket. But you must be in a different time zone. The next Ashes series is in Blighty, starting at Lord’s on 21 July.

Dunno about the Inuit and quidditch or whatever, but I am guessing that Duke is from Michigan. Here in Detroit, we drive south to get to Canada. We also mug people for good sport, but focus on the ‘south’ part!

If they were playing the Silver Ferns no wonder England won. Silver Ferns are netballers. The name you are looking for is the Black Caps. :slight_smile:

Windsor isn’t really Canada – it’s just a sort of buffer zone between us and Detroit.

And hey, you kids-- calm down! Someone’s liable to get hurt during the tea interval.

It’s more fun when the Pomgolians think they can win.

Look, hawthorne, I’ll forgive you that unkind remark given that Dipper was my favourite Aussie rules thug when I was a kid. I was really sad I missed him when he was over here recently.

Heh…I’m actually from the Niagara Falls area. We are actually north, and a little to the west of, Fort Erie, Ontario. Hence the location.

calm kiwi: Oooops. I always get those names confused. I mean, there’s All Blacks, Tall Blacks, All Whites, Black Caps, Silver Ferns…

Just for a moment, after two whitewash series victories, I thought that England might stand a genuine chance in next year’s Ashes.

I wish to disassociate myself from roger’s pride since I suspect it may cometh, as English cricket has long known, before the kind of fall which killed Michael Biehn’s character in The Abyss.

Go on, be a devil, Sentient. Wear the Three Lions with pride.

I have no fucking clue what this is about, but it’s sure fun to read.

I’m with Sentient on this. We’re having a fantastic summer and we finally seem to have a good team who can bat right through the order and fill in seamlessly when one of the bowlers isn’t firing (if Giles isn’t man of the series after taking so many wickets when Harmison was having trouble, I’ll be very disappointed). Australia are just in a different class to New Zealand and the Windies though. The best I can see us managing in the Ashes is a 2-2 draw.

Soccer sucks!

Oh, wait . . .

Just to add a touch of realism here, although a Brit I think a little circumspection is called for at the moment. NZ and the Windies are not amongst the top teams right now, perhaps if we go to South Africa this winter and give them a good seeing to, then maybe, possibly, there is a ghost of a chance we can give the Aussies a fright.
We will need Harmison, Jones, Anderson and Hoggard firing on all cylinders too.

They’re terrified already, mate. Just consider how few of them have dared to stick up for their team here. And they’re around. They all came crawling out of the woodwork when Thorpey beat Phelps. Whingers and cowards, the lot of them.

I don’t know whats gonna happen in the future but for now, I’m damn pleased with our boys. I was at lords for the 1st NZ test and they’ve done nothing but impress me since.
Oz is a different matter but if we play as well as we have, who knows? I’m confident that we’ll acquit ourselves, so much so that I’ll watch the 1st test down the local Aussie kangaroo serving fleepit.

I hope the boy Bell does well on his debut tomorrow. A whitewash against the West Indies will help ease the pain of the blackwashes of the 80s.