Rifftrax Live!

Well, broadcast live.


Anyone else going to see this? I really want to go but I just found out my fiance not only doesn’t like MST3K, he finds it completely stupid and obnoxious. Yes, before you ask, a small part of me died today. :frowning:

Dump him, toot pronto.

I am lucky. My wife and I discovered MST3K together. She prefers Joel over Mike, but I thought the writing peaked during the early Mike years.

I saw the earlier one. I could have been funnier, but I thought it was because Plan 9 was over-plowed ground - MST3K had been there before, and there really weren’t that many new jokes to make. This one sounds really rich.

They actually did this back in August, broadcasting from Nashville. I thought about getting tickets, but realized it was too close to my wife’s due date to go. Of course, after all was said and done, I realized that the theater they were doing it was literally right next door to the hospital our baby was delivered at. I sorta kicked myself on that one.

You should have gone. Rented a wheelchair, got her laughing hard enough that she went into labor. It would have been memorable, and you’d have the kind of family story that you could repeat until you’re old and gray to your child’s eternal mortification. You can’t buy that kind of fun.


I wish you luck in finding a new fiancee!

The Cinematic Titanic guys (Joel, Dr. Forrester, Original Crow, drawback - Mary Jo Pehl) were in L.A. doing five nights of live shows in October. I also missed that because I am stupid.

I’ll be attending.

I just sent an email inviting my brothers. We have to do this if it’s humanly possible.

With your sig, I sort of assumed you would.

Stupid working nights!!!

We are so there. Yippee!