Anybody going to Rifftrax Starship Troopers tonight?

Apparently the Rifftrax crew is doing live riffs on Starship Troopers tonight, broadcast to theaters around the country. I used to love MST3K and it’s at a theater near me, so I think I’m going to try it out. I’m a little surprised they still have enough clout to get theaters to sign up for it though. Yes, Thursday night is probably a slow night for movie theaters.

I went to ST opening weekend and it required no RiffTraxing. Some things are just so absurd that trying to yuk them is gilding the contents of Fort Knox.

I was going to but a work commitment came up that conflicts. It sounded like fun, though, so be sure to report back!

I’ve been going for several years, it’s always a good time. I go to a theater in Louisville, and turnout keeps increasing, so I think they’re doing fine, at least in that region. They broadcast out of Tennessee for some reason.

Starship Troopers will be interesting to riff, though, since it’s a satire. Most of their subjects play it straight: Manos, Birdemic, Reefer Madness, etc.

I went last night, and had a pretty great time. Hadn’t seen Starship Troopers before, and it wasn’t that bad, though the leads were bland, almost as bland as the action scenes. But the riff was great. “Can I teach you how to Doogie?” “Son, I want your badge on my desk by morning!” “Oh my God, I needed that hand to hold my enormous tooth brush!”

That was a bad, bad movie. How could you do this to me, Hank from Breaking Bad and Carver from The Wire?

“You can start by pre-filing your sexual harassment papers.”

Helllloooo Laaadies. Saw it last night. The place was packed. We’re planning on doing Night of the Living Dead in October.

“And you have average teeth for a Clydesdale!” “Worst Bond girl ever.”

I’ve been to several Rifftrax Live events, and this one was crazy-crowded. I’ve never seen one sell out here before, but last night, it was packed.

And for some reason, a very large number of theaters (ours included) missed out on the pre-show title cards, which have always been a hilarious way to lead up to the show. “MOVIE MISTAKES: Sam Worthington”. heh. Anyone else not get title cards?

Saw it last night. Hilarious!

My only complaint is that at certain points (mainly, the action sequences), the sound mixing was such that you could hardly make out some of the riffs.

I went last night. It was great! The Riffers turned a bad movie into a laugh-a-minute party. I think I averaged at least one laugh for each minute of movie. The theater was packed - the 4 of us could not sit together. No two of us sat together. At only 50 cents more than a regular ticket it was well worth it!

Best Riff: Lt. Rasczak (Michael Ironside) field promotes someone and thells them "You’re it, until you’re dead or I find someone better. "

Riffer: “Those were my wedding vows!”

I think that was the joke of the night. They repeated it later with a different ending, too.

Saw it last night in a crowded theater. I like it very much! As mentioned, the movie is BLAND. Even the “action” scenes were somehow bland. Apparently Denise Richards can only smile vacuously.

I had to go nag the management at the local theater to get them to turn on the streaming video early - we got about 15 min of the title cards - there were a few new songs from Kevin, too - we caught about half of a song about car chase scenes that was quite funny!

It had been awhile since I saw the film - I enjoy it for what it is, but the riffing definitely added to the enjoyment - love how they handled the nude shower scene!

I don’t understand it.

I saw this movie when I was a kid. I don’t remember it being terrible.

on IMDB it has a 7.1. Wikipedia seems to have some critical acclaim for it.

Why are people here saying it’s “So, so bad” and such?

We got there about 30 - 40 minutes early and they were showing either a test run/sound check, or old RiffTrax live clips, couldn’t tell which. They then switched to the title cards.

Embarrassingly bad and stupid satire, untalented actors who are totally unconvincing as their dull characters, a lot of repetitive scenes and weak special effects. There’s probably some other stuff but I’d start there. There were people who liked it and who defend it passionately, and I think a lot of them give the film high IMDb reviews when other people didn’t bother.

We were about 40 minutes early as well, and they seemed to be showing Jack the Giant Killer–I don’t know for sure what the title was, just guessing from some of the contextual jokes. It was like we got a bonus movie. We usually try to get there early so we don’t end up sitting on the floor in a stadium theater, but we’ll probably start showing up even earlier now if it means we get another half hour of riffs.

We had a full round of title cards, then it started again and halfway through there were some new ones. I think my favorite was was “Spoiler Alert–Season 4 of Game of Thrones will be showing video of your worst childhood memory.” (That’s the gist of it, at least.)

I love that they reuse the “Llllllllllllladies” joke as often as they possibly can.

I think my favorite of these was “Robert Heinlein was known as ‘The Dean of Science Fiction Writers’ because of his habit of shaking his fist while yelling ‘SCIENCE FICTION HOOOOUUUSE!!!’”

I’ve been to every Rifftrax Live event, and frankly thought this was one of the weaker ones. Which doesn’t mean it wasn’t hilarious; but I never experienced the gasping, fall out of the seat, ohmygod I’m having a heart attack level of hilarity I usually do.

We didn’t get any pre-movie trivia in my theater, either.

It didn’t help that it’s hard to riff an action movie, because the sound drowns out the riff track.

(Favorite riffs: “Raid!”, wedding vows, and NPH’s last appearance, where he’s dressed as a Gestapo officer: “shall we just say “Sieg Heil” now? The subtlety boat has sailed.”)