RiffTrax (MST3K adjacent) is coming to TV...maybe

The Neo Geo channel may or may not be showing a Rifftrax TV show on April Fool’s day. The details are few but but it looks like it is happening.
RT is half of the old MST3K team: Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett.

Story with few details here.

That show will not die…and that is a good thing.

Although I though they had the final Rifftrax last year. Maybe that was just the final live Rifftrax…or maybe the final Cinematic Titanic…cannot keep track.

It was the final Cinematic Titanic. Rifftrax is alive and well. They recently released the next installment of the Batman serial! :smiley:

Seems legit: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/total-riff-off/

Awesome. I hope they do silhouettes of them.

Just checked my TiVo guide and yeah, it’s there! Note that its on the regular National Geographic Channel, and not Nat Geo Wild (in case you get both channels). It runs from 8 to 11pm EDT on Tuesday April 1st then repeats again from 11pm to 2am.

Yah! :smiley:

What movie(s) are they playing? One of the hard things is getting rights.

I really hope this is real. BTW anyone know when they’re doing the next live Riff?

From the web site, it looks like NatGeo shows: On April 1st, the guys from “Mystery Science Theater 3000” and RiffTrax are adding their very own commentary to classic National Geographic Channel programs, featuring excerpts from “Honey Badgers,” “Unlikely Animal Friends,” “Man v. Monster,” “Swamp Men,” “Alpha Dogs,” and more! It’ll be three one-hour episodes (Killer Shrimp and Friends, Demon Bat, and Guy and a Goose).

I hope they bring the puppets. Hearing Tom Servo’s voice come out of an actual human face freaks me right out.

Anyone think this might be a trial run to an actual show again?

I don’t know if anyone remembers but ESPN Classic used to have a show where the Sklar brothers would get really old sports shows and slash them to pieces. Maybe this is their foray back to television

I think it’s going to be Mike and Kevin and Bill, not Mike with Crow and Servo - there are probably intellectual property issues and the rights to use them could belong to the network MST3K last aired on. It doesn’t really matter to me because I’ll watch it no matter what.

We might see it done in ‘Shadow-rama’, i.e. the black silhouettes, but I can almost guarantee we’re not gonna see the 'bots. For one thing they’re the property of Mystery Science Theater 3000, which Mike and Kevin are only part owners of. More importantly though, they have stated many times that RiffTrax is not MST3K phase II. I don’t think they have any desire to revisit the past like that. Not because of any bad blood, they simply want to keep moving forward…

Some Rifftrax is also available on Hulu and Amazon.

There’s a clip of it on YouTube, they don’t do the silhouettes either (still just as funny though!)


Rifftrax has been doing live shows in selected theaters for a couple of years now, simulcast to other theaters nationwide. Mrs. Evil Captor and I have been to see several of them. The way it’s handled is, they have the faces of Mike and the guys on the right side of the screen as they riff on the movies. They’ve done some hilarious stuff, we’ll be DVRing the HELL out of the NatGeo shows.

Even if it’s not MST3K, it’s pretty close and it made me laugh.

Their “Jack and the Giant Killer” bit on youtube is the most hilarious thing ever. Sometimes having a live audience really enhances things.

Anybody else watch this? I watched the episode with the honey badger, and the beginning of the vampire bat episode, and have the rest DVR’d. It was a bit uneven, but the funny bits were REALLY

“The mantis shrimp is the Joe Pesci of the deep.”
Mike - “It carries a shine box.”

“Dibs on his bed!”

“I haven’t seen such courage since my niece went to the water park!”

I caught about 10 minutes of the vampire bat episode - had me laughing out loud multiple times. They were slagging the host something awful. Loved it. I recorded the rest and can’t wait to check them out.