Right or Wrong? Elderly man run over and seriously injured in Road Rage Incident

I’m sorry. But I seem to have posted this thread in the wrong forum. I think it should have been posted in the “General Questions” forum.

I would have posted this thread in the “General Questions” forum, except for the fact that I don’t think there is really much of a question here. I can’t imagine hardly anyone believing that intentionally running over this man could possibly be the right thing to do.

My question is really asking people how they feel when someone interferes with their driving and whether they have ever desired to hurt someone and hurt them badly.

In this story, an elderly man was walking in a gas station and came into contact with a car. The driver of the car became enraged and intentionally ran over the man’s legs. Apparently the elderly man was injured quite badly.

I suppose you really should watch the video to try and get a full sense of just how each party must have felt.

One possible question is how you would have felt as the driver and whether you would have liked to have exited your car and perhaps taken a punch at the pedestrian.

In any case, I have been in a similar situation and I can understand getting very angry and possibly wanting to harm the man in some way. But, I don’t think it could ever be “right” to run him over and seriously injure him - given that he never did anything like that to me. It’s just not reasonable. In fact, IMHO, it’s downright crazy and the driver deserves some serious prison time. Perhaps about five to ten years would be right.

I’m sorry. But I seem to have messed up this thread. The question here should be how long the driver should spend in prison - **not **whether he was right or wrong by intentionally running over the elderly man.

Sound like attempted murder too me. The guy almost causes a car accident and the old man’s car swerves to avoid it. Then, the bastard waits while the old man gets out of his car and runs him down.

That would be premeditated murder if the old man died.

I find it very unsettling that this guy waited in his car to ambush the guy. Thats just creepy.

I can’t get the vid to play. What did the victim do? Key the car? Crap on the hood? Take a swing with a crowbar?

If you can’t get the video to play, you should be able to find other reports of this same accident by using Google.

Can’t you just tell me? I mean, is it a secret?

Here’s the video:


Based on the report and the video, I’m not sure how any reasonable person could feel a punch is deserved.

I hope the driver is caught and serves a long prison sentence, however, depending on how good the driver’s lawyer is and also on how good the DA’s prosecuting attorney is, it all depends on the charge(s) the driver is found guilty for.

The car comes rapidly up to the victim and then stops. The victim stops and turns toward the car. There is no audio, but I suspect the driver said something to him. The driver turns the car toward the victim and starts rolling into him. The victim brings both fists down on the hood of the car as the car contacts his body. The car knocks the victim down and drives off, leaving the victim writhing on the ground.

Right or Wrong? How is this even a question?! Seriously? Do you need help with this? If I must, here you go:


I’m going to be the voice of dissent – I don’t see anything wrong with what he did. In fact, I run over elderly men everyday.

How many points are they worth?

^I can vouch for Guin. I just turned 56, and live near Pittsburgh. I cross cautiously at crosswalks and stay on the sidewalk if I see G.

kayaker, I figure you’d be worth about 10 points - big score, a valuable target.


Wrong. Obviously.

Even if your vehicle has the right of way, it’s never OK to drive through a pedestrian.

Through is obviously excessive, but over or under can be acceptable.

Bunch of liberal pansies in here. You shouldn’t let the Obama-Pelosi socialist mafia talk you into NOT running elderly people over.

Nitpick: You run over elderly men every day.