Right Wing Idiocy - Poll: Majority of Republicans don't think Obama legitimately won 2008 election.

According to this story 52 percent of Republicans think ACORN helped steal the election for Obama:

The damage the GOP does to our average national IQ score is truly extraordinary.

On the bright side, it could mean that 52 percent of Republicans too stupid or lazy to get out of answering a poll are stupid enough to believe the various bullshit conspiracies spewed out by Fox & Fucks.

If that’s the case, then Beck et al are really falling down on the job. Get those numbers up, wingnuts!

Oh come on. It’s completely disingenuous to imagine that a majority of the GOP represents the GOP. When will you liberals stop parading the whacko majority as if it represents the majority?

That is a strange poll. They claim that 5% of Obama voters think ACORN stole the election for him.

9% of Democrats think so, 12% of African Americans, 11% of liberals.

Hard to believe these numbers.

Why? You can typically find those sorts of numbers to support just about any claim or proposition. You’d have to choose something like “do you support mandated cannibalism” before you get lower numbers.

Christ, people are fucking stupid.

Without protection.

I doubt it. The more outrageous the proposition, the stronger the desire there is to pick it, just to screw with the poll. If it’s not question for serious consideration, why should a serious answer be given?

That aint the half of it! Here’s a new wrinkle: praying to a just and loving God to smite Obama. I shit you not.


With pictures…cute little teddy bears with “Pray for Obama” emblazoned thereupon, “Psalms 109:8”. “Psalms?” you say “That dear little poetic addendum at the back of the Bible, what with sweet sexy love poems? And what could be wrong about praying for Obama?”


There’s more. You’re too nice a person to inflict it upon, unless you’re not, then fuck you, go away.

John 11:35

Only 39% of Democrats think George Bush did not know about 9-11 in advance.

Should I start a thread about left-wing idiocy?

What makes you think that’s nearly as idiotic? Or idiotic at all. He was warned, repeatedly, that something was coming.

Depends. Does that 61% think that George Bush knew, specifically, that on 9/11 terrorists were going to fly four planes into assorted national landmarks, and sat back and said “Let 'em do it!”

Or does that group include people who think that Bush had information that a major attack was in the planning stages, and that he didn’t act on those reports?

Because my understanding is that there’s some factual evidence for the second case.

What was the title of the August 6, 2001 President’s daily briefing?
Here’s a hint

If you wish to start an exercise in false equivalency, by all means go for it!

Really? You really want to argue that because Bush was warned generically about the possibility of hijackings, along with many other warning, that it’s a fair inference to say he knew about 9-11 in advance?

It’s a fair inference that some people would say that depending on how the poll was worded. Not everyone is as smart as you Bricktop ol’ chum.

And only you and I are actually smarter! Maybe a couple others…

Actually I think you got that backwards. If you’re thinking about the Rasmussen poll it was 35% thought he knew about 911 beforehand. Compared to 22% of the country in general.

So was that a FOX news moment with a strangely convenient slip up that helps what you’re arguing for? Or is this just more evidence of Republican idiocy?


In any case, Republicans are still much stupider than Democrats.

Oh, I doubt I’m smarter than Bricker. I’m just not fighting ideology. [/false_modesty]

That depends.
Do you believe that “But they do it toooo!” justifies any-and-everything the right wing does? Do you have any internal integrity, or is totally guided by what you think others might be getting away with?