Rip Buddy, 1999-2008

I’m so sorry, Ralph. You were gave Buddy a good life, and I know you’ll miss him.

I am so sorry to hear of your loss :frowning:

RIP Buddy

It takes time but it does get a little easier. You never forget them though.

It sounds like he had a great life with you and that is all we can really do.

Its getting a little easier…I am comforted that the poor guy isn’t suffering anymore.
Maybe in a few months, I’ll feel up to taking in a Springer Spaniel!

Sorry to hear you’ve lost your furry family member. Having just done the same last week, it’s a miserable experience. And horrible to come home from work and not have bundles of pure delight that you’re home come bounding up to you.

Remember him well. I have one of Lenny’s toys on my desk, it’s comforting.

Last Saturday, a little dog was hanging around our front door-he was a brown and white border collie-looked like a Springer Spaniel, but without the floppy ESS ears.
Anyway, he seemed to come from nowhere-he came in and made himself at home (ate some food and drank some water). I called to him “Buddy”-and his ears pricked up.
Anyway, I called the PD, and reported that I had a lost dog-the cop on duty told me they hadn’t had any reports of a lost dog, so I told him I’d keep the dog overnight (he had no license tag, only a rabies vaccination tag).
WE went to bed-at 1:30 Sunday morning, the phone rang-it was the police…the guy said there was a man who thought we had his dog-he came up and picked up his dog (he thanked us effusively).
Maybe it was Buddy paying a visit?:slight_smile:

Maybe it was. :slight_smile: You did good, Ralph!

Neat story :slight_smile:

Thank you for this update, ralph124c. I had to have my dog Touille put down several years ago, and I miss her still.

Did you ever get another dog? I never have, maybe when I retire and am home more.

ralph, I’m so, so sorry - I hope your memories of Buddy bring you some comfort!


My dog’s name is Buddy too! It’s simply amazing how attached we become to our furry little friends. Buddy is always happy to see me when I come home, he loves to go places, hike and just play outdoors. I worry like hell when he gets sick and I know one day he’s going to go and it makes me sad. Still, I’m glad he’s here.

Thanks for the postscript! Glad to hear it!