Rip Buddy, 1999-2008

I had to have my dog put down tonight. I feel all empty inside-Buddy was the world’s greatest dog. I took him with me everywhere…he loved running on the beach, swimming, and catching balls. He had an intestinal obstruction-and the surgery to heal him wasn’t a good risk.
Farewell Buddy-I will miss you! Buddy was an Englisg Springer Spaniel, and we adopted him from a rescue agency. He was simply the best.
Hopefully, posting this will help me in some small way…right now, i feel like crap! :frowning:

Awww. . . sorry to hear about Buddy. :frowning:

Your thoughts about him have me choked up.

He sounded like a real pal.

I hope you feel better soon.

Ralph - you came to the right place. You may not feel better tonight, but at least you know that there are a ton pf people who understand what you are feeling and wish you well.

Sorry to hear about it. It’s a tough thing to go through.

Sounds like he had a good time with you. Glad he had that. He was happy with you.

Ditto that. My heartstrings are always tugged with losing-a-beloved animal stories, because (a) it’s a difficult decision to make; and (b) you have to put aside your own emotional turmoil for the good of the animal, and that takes courage and maturity and love and bunches of other fine qualities.

Buddy sounds like he was a wonderful dog. I love hearing about dog owners that take their dogs along with them places; that’s a good life for a dog. So nice for them to get out and about, rather than being cooped up/kenneled up for days with no activity. You did good, Ralph, you did right by Buddy.

Ralph, I’m sorry to hear about Buddy. I know all about that empty feeling. For what little comfort my words can offer, it will someday go away, eventually. You will think of your companion again without feeling the hurt from his loss.

I’m so very very sorry, Ralph.

Sorry to hear that Ralph…It sounds like Buddy had a good life and was very well loved. Dogs give back every ounce of love they receive ten fold, thats one reason why it hurts so much to let them go.

My boys are getting an extra treat and ear scratches tonight in Buddys honor.

Buddy will be waiting for you at the bridge.

I’m really sorry for your loss. It sounds like you really cared about him and gave him a good life though. That, and plenty of kibble, is no small loyalty from a dog’s point of view. You did him a good thing and I have no doubt he appreciated it.


What ShermanAter said about the bridge.

We lost Indiana Bones a few months back, but we will be visiting our granddog Toby tomorrow and he will get extra ear scritches in Buddy’s honor.
Rainbow Bridge


It sounds like Buddy had a good friend in you…and you in him.

RIP Buddy

…the house is so quiet without Buddy. I know I’ll always miss him, but hopefully I can get past this.
Thanks again!

You gave Buddy the best life a dog can have. You might not feel like it right now, but at some point you’ll be back at the rescue agency, looking to contribute another verse to the old long song of companionship, felicity and love that is human and dog.

I still miss Kim, Sheena, Lassie, Kit, Snap and Jack :frowning:

You’ll get past it, {{{ralph}}}, as many of us have before you. Sounds like Buddy was a heck of a pup.

Our border collie mix is closing in on 13, and I know she doesn’t have much longer. I dread having to make that decision again, but it’s part of being a good pet parent.

From what you say, he was an awesome dog. I’ve met a few springers and they’ve all been lovely critters. I’m sorry he had to go. :frowning: I will give my doggie cousins extra scritches the next time I see them in his honor.

Aww, Buddy :(. Intestinal blockages are a bitch.
NajaHusband has a soft spot for springers, he had one growing up. They’re awfully nice pooches.

I’m so sorry about Buddy. Springers really are the best dogs; sweet, loyal, chock full of personality. I have one at my feet right now, and another around here somewhere. I can barely stand to go to the ESRA site and look at all the sweet homeless springers; I want to bring them all home.

I think Buddy would be honored if someday you found another springer to love as you loved him.

Good night, Buddy, and thank you.

(Do you have any pictures to share?)

My first dog was an ESS cross. I think about him every day and he died in 1987. They’re some good dogs.

Very sorry to hear about Buddy, Ralph. I’d love to see a picture if you can post any.

I’m really sorry about your Buddy. It’s not been that long since I had my Ladybug put down.