RIP Ed Koch

Ed Koch, former NYC mayor has passed away.

He was a larger than life figure in my childhood, growing up in Western NY. He defined the stereotypical ‘New Yorker’ for me. Reast in peace, Mr Mayor.

A day that Ed Koch dies is off to a very good start. Rot In Hell, Mr. Mayor.

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I lived in NYC during Koch’s mayoralty. When he took office the city was in horrible condition, and Koch brought it back to being a vibrant, prosperous city. And to many, he perfectly epitomized the outspoken and brash (and often lovable) New Yorker. RIP.

This is for Michael Bloomberg. Not for Ed Koch. Koch cleaned up NYC.

Bloomberg needs to rot in hell.

Coincidentally, a documentary film on Ed Koch is being released today.

I saw him in person a few times. I was always struck by how tall and thin he was. He was easily over six feet tall and whippet thin at least to my eyes. You’d never guess that seeing him on television. He was an interesting guy and a fairly decent mayor so RIP.

I liked his stint on People’s Court.

I think it was Time Magazine that called him “everyone’s favorite nut uncle”…and yes, he certainly had his quirks, but I don’t think anyone can deny he was NYC’s biggest cheerleader.

I can remember coming out of a Gay bar on Christopher Street, and there was Ed and his entourage, glad handing the locals during an election year. I thought it was kind of cool that he bothered to come down to Greenwich Village and make it a point to get that Gay vote - which I believe he did get.

RIP Ed - you were certainly a memorable Mayor of NYC and a part of my history at the time!

Ed Koch once called Menudo “bigger than the Beatles.”

RIP Mr Mayor.

I remember Ed on the news talking about NY. He worked so hard to restore the city. Quirky guy but so determined to make a difference.

RIP Mr Mayor

I loved him so much a former co worker from almost 20 years ago sent me her condolences! He got shit done, that guy, and didn’t fuck around doing it. After he left office Howard Stern told him he was still reporting to him. Many other New Yorkers would agree.

He will be buried in Trinity cemetary in one of the last cemetary plots left in Manhatten because he didn’t want to have to go to New Jersey. His epitaph declares his pride in his faith, city and country.

He loved New York.

As a die hard southern boy I don’t know shit about NYC…besides the fact that traffic is bad and that if SVU dectectives are asking you about a murder and you got fish to unload the fish take priority.

But, IMO there is something to be said about somebody that once they decide on a course of action, that SHIT GETS done.

As long as that course of action ain’t crazy assed shit, some forward progress is better than years of handwringing…

Dinkins, Giuliani, and Bloomberg were all mayors, but only Koch was Hizzoner. And dang that dude loved Chinese food.

Eta: I would spell it “hizzona” but this is the rare case in which I must defer to The New York Post* on a question of style.

*slogan: we make the News look like Times!

I liked his role as Grandpa in The Munsters, and I really admire the way he turned Chrysler around.


He’s being buried in a Catholic or Episcopal cemetery?

That seems odd.

The press reports (for example) I can find say that the cemetery itself is non-denominational.