RIP Judy Carne

Judy Carne’s death has been reported by her hometown newspaper. In a life marked by big up-and-down swings in both her career and personal life, she will always be remembered as “Laugh-In”'s beloved “sock it to me” girl.

I’m seeing reports that this is a hoax.

I thought this was the “Don’t Fall In Love With a Stranger” singer. Guess not.

Cause of death: celebrity death hoax.

Someone should sock it to the hoaxter.

Wow—for a hoax, it sure fooled me. The link in the OP goes to a legitimate news site, and there’s nothing to raise any hint of suspicion that the story isn’t true.
How did the hoaxter pull it off?

Well don’t I have egg on my face:smack:.
I did a little digging, and apparently there was a fake Judy Carne memorial site on facebook. Apparently, someone at her hometown paper jumped to conclusions and printed the story. They haven’t pulled the story yet, but it’s just a matter of time.

Sock it to me?

I’ll close his for you since it looks like it was false.

News reports are now reporting this as true. I’ll re-open it for discussion.

It’s up on Yahoo, for whatever that’s worth.

CBS Nightly News reported it. Also the New York Times.

Do enough “death hoaxes” and eventually you’ll do one on the day the person actually dies.

But her career is still dead, yes?

Was that really necessary? A human being many of us enjoyed has died, do we need to snark on if her career was good enough?

The site I linked to last night has reversed itself and now reports Ms. Carne has passed away.

But she hasn’t died after all. Read previous posts.

Wait, what? So she died after all?

Google it. There are multiple reports now.

There were multiple reports before too. But if it turns out to be real, then RIP indeed, Judy.

Like the ones where the mod reopened the thread because it appeared to be true… or where it was reported on Yahoo, CBS, and the NY Times.