RIP Mrs. Wolowitz [actress who plays the character on The Big Bang Theory]

Carol Ann Susi, dead from cancer at 62. :frowning:

Makes me sad…

I wonder if they’ll have her die on the show now

It would be an interesting bit of drama on a show that doesn’t have any. Granted it’s a sitcom, but the best sitcoms have some kind of emotion attached to them, and this show hasn’t had that yet

That’s too bad. Quite a role to go out on, and yet she was essentially unseen. Maybe they’ll have Bernadette do her voice now.

I can’t imagine them continuing the character without her. I also can’t image a “Very Special Episode” to deal with it, but I can see a proper tribute with a comic twist. They better not just have her go off on an adventure and be done with it - that would be tacky.

Maybe Mrs. W. rewrote her will and left everything to Stewart? Or Mr. W. now reappears?

The last time I heard Mrs W’s voice I could tell it was different. I wondered if maybe Susi was one of the actors holding out on their contracts, or if she had just left the show altogether.

To die at such a (relatively) young age. :frowning: (I’m gonna be 60 in January, and I don’t think of myself as old.) What a crying shame!

TBBT won’t be the same without her. RIP.

Goodbye Mrs. Wolowitz. We hardly viewed ya.

Hoooooowuuuuuud! I TOLD ya I was diiiiiiyin heah!
RIP, Susi.


I’m usually wrong about these things, but she was such a minor character (until the Stewart thing) that I can’t imagine the the voice actor’s death would impact a story line in that major of a way (that is, killing off the character).

That said, my WAG is that we’ll either never hear her again or they’ll just find someone else to fill in.
Most of the reason the back and forth between Howard and his mom was funny was because they lived together and they haven’t lived together for a few years now.

And now that I think about it, it is kind of odd that we never heard her say anything to Stewart.

Melissa Rauch could probably double in the part.

Killing off the character could be a problem for Stewart’s arc.

She did talk to “Stewie” on several occasions, much to Howard’s chagrin and discomfort. And while she wasn’t a major character, she wasn’t so minor as to disappear without a trace. I don’t see the death of the character as being that difficult to address, but what do I know? I’m just an engineer, and I don’t even have a master’s degree…

Bye bye, Debbie.

It shouldn’t be too hard to find another actress to replicate the voice, so I hope they continue the character. The Oedipal rivalry between Stuart and Howie is too good to drop.


What comes to mind for me is when Howard was being set up on with Bernadette and his cell rings, he sees it’s his mother, and contemplates whether he should answer saying something like, “she could be dying… and I wouldn’t want to miss that!”

Debbie Wolowitz is described as enormously overweight. A deadly sudden heart attack is entirely plausible. I would hope that out of respect to the actress that the character dies and she leaves everything to Howard, with a small gift to Stewie and a letter to Howard about how he is to take care of Stewie because he is so helpless.

That would work. Also, Howard being a complete mess at his mom’s death, in spite of everything he has said about how he wants her dead. That was indeed one dysfunctional relationship.

RIP Carol.

I always assumed that if they ever did show her on camera she’d be played by Roseanne in a fat suit, though as Roseanne and Chuck Lorre cordially hate each other that probably isn’t happening.

With as many talented voice actors as there are in Hollywood I can’t imagine it would be too hard to find one who can perfectly mimic Susi’s Mrs. W. voice.

Or if they do a funeral episode, Dustin Hoffman would be a great actor to play Mr. Wolowitz.

THAT would be something! Emerging from the woodwork after all these years to pay his respects.

Of course, he’d want to build a relationship with his long-lost son, and Howard would have something new to get all worked up about!

Oh, God, no! She wouldn’t look anything like Roseanne. More like Totie Fields.

EXACTLY like Totie Fields, in fact!

Only fatter! :smiley:

Stuart would be a basket case after having his world fall apart on him … again. :frowning: And just when things were going so well! :smack: