RIP Olivia Newton John

Well damn. One of those artists I didn’t like at first, because she was so pervasive in the 70s, and I thought so saccharine, but it turned out she was actually just sweet…all her hit songs hooked me at some point. RIP.

She had an incredibly beautiful voice.
Did anyone else watch Grease about a thousand times, or was it just me?

Having not seen her since she was in that movie, my brain is telling me “how can she have died so young?” Turns out, she’s only two years younger than I am.

Wow, talk about breaking news. It hasn’t even shown on my ABC newsfeed yet (Aus Broadcasting Commission).

Vale Olivia. It’s been a long fight for you.

Announced by CNN: Olivia Newton John, singer and actress, dead at 73 - CNN

Olivia was my first real celebrity crush, back in the 1970s. She had a beautiful singing voice, and championed worthy causes.

This one is hitting me pretty hard right now.

Her long and rather storied battle(s) with cancer don’t do much to convince me that there’s a benevolent G-d above.


Son of a bitch. This really blows.

Oh no. I hate to hear that.

I am one of the few people on the planet who saw Xanadu in the theater, and one of the even fewer who will publicly admit to enjoying it.

Beautiful woman with a beautiful voice.

Olivia was one of my first teen crushes. Beautiful lady and a wonderful singer.

I remember her first cancer battle was in the mid 1980’s. It’s a evil disease that often comes back.

She’ll be missed. RIP

I love Xanadu also. It was on cable when I was around fourteen and I watched it every time I could. My favorite part was when they were roller skating through the different stage sets. And The Tubes! I still listen to the soundtrack frequently.

Not only watched it a thousand times but I swear every time I watch it I have another “did they really just say that?” moment (most, but not all, of those seem to happen during the Greased Lightening sequence).

From John Travolta:

My dearest Olivia, you made all of our lives so much better. Your impact was incredible. I love you so much. We will see you down the road and we will all be together again. Yours from the moment I saw you and forever! Your Danny, your John!

One classy MoFo – then and now.

My celebrity girlfriend.
A coworker told me about her death. At the time I was listening to my ELO playlist. The next song on the playlist was Xanadu.
And I did see it in the theaters.

Definitely not just you. Fond memories of watching that one as a young’n.


On no. :cry:

My Junior High crush is now gone! :cry: Her sweet voice on Have You Ever Been Mellow stole my young heart. :sob: :sob: :sob: This is a tough one. She was a beautiful soul.

And she nailed the lead in it in Grease.

First Judith, now ONJ. The world is going downhill rapidly.

Saw her in on stage back in the mid 80’s - it was the best concert I ever attended. Also liked the movie Xanadu. Very sad and sorry to see her go. :cry: