RIP Ronnie Spector

Ronnie Spector has passed away. My lifelong crush. Sigh…

RIP. The GOOD Spector!

Spector has become a specter.

RIP, Ronnie.

Perhaps my favorite performance of hers:

Oh, that’s so sad. I only learned from Keith Richards’s bio “Life” that he was very close to Ronnie. They even had a kind of fling going on. We can be glad that Phil didn’t shoot Keith.

Another legend of Music Americana moves on.

Did Ronnie have a kid with Phil? I recall reading an interview in the 80s where she talked about what a nut he was and how she wasn’t allowed to go out without him, but “after the baby came along” she at least had that to keep her occupied. Since reading that, no son or daughter has been mentioned.

The obit I read mentioned two children but not whether they were Phil’s or her second husband’s.

Sorry, not really relevant. I guess I always wished Ronnie was my mom!

Unless the bullet was silver, it wouldn’t have mattered.

True dat.

What’s wonderful is how huge The Ronettes loom in memory despite their having just one top twenty hit (“Be My Baby”). They stand out as one of the top girl groups of the 60s mostly on the force of Ronnie’s personality. She’s one of the greats.

Jeez, they’re dropping like flies lately, aren’t they?

She sang on Eddie Money’s Take Me Home Tonight. Even in her brief appearance in the video, she was incandescent.

Very sad news. I’m glad that I grew up when all of those early rock stars were bursting onto the scene. The Ronettes and other black groups had the best music out there. Predators like Phil Spector were all too common, taking advantage of young musicians and pocketing the cash. At least most of today’s young musicians are better informed, for the most part.

Her 2 sons were from her last husband. I read her book, and I think Phil adopted some children.

Ah, thank you. I never though of Phil Spector as being the daddy type, but who knows?