RIP Rudy Ray Moore

Standup comedian, toast master, & star of blaxploitation films such as “Dolemite”, “Petey Wheatstraw”…

“Without Rudy Ray Moore, there would be no Snoop Dogg, and that’s for real.”

Thanks for posting. Rudy Ray Moore is not the type of artist that usually gets much admiration in the Cafe Society.

I loved this from the article attached…

Almost none of the dialogue in any of his movies can be printed in a family newspaper, not to mention the language of his more than 16 comedy albums — or even many of their titles.

I didn’t really follow his career, but I saw the “Dolemite” movie in the mid 70s in an old downtown thearter in Oakland in the mid 70s. It was quite an experience. I’m still in touch with the friend I went with. We often quote from the Dolomite album.

We’ll miss you, Rudy.

Suddenly I’m nostalgic for long, pointless shots of large Cadillacs pulling out of parking spots, followed by long, pointless shots of large Cadillacs parking somewhere else, followed by long, pointless shots of people getting in and out of large Cadillacs.

So long Rudy!