RIP Warren Miller

Warren Miller has died at 93

Miller was a legendary filmmaker. I used to go to his skiing movies every year in the '80s and '90s when I was skiing. He presented one of the films I saw at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. He told the story of how it was a perfect December day in Southern California, and he went to go surfing. IIRC he had a wonderful day, and then found out that the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor. He told of being a ski bum, living out of a van and working at a resort. He told about making his movies.

I haven’t been skiing in almost 20 years, and I haven’t seen any of Miller’s films since then. His newer films look like they are trending toward Extreme Sports, and not in a good way. His earlier works seemed to show people pushing personal limits. Nowadays (and I’m not referring to Miller’s films specifically) it seems that Extreme Sports are all about exhibition and fame. But that’s just my take. His earlier works were fun, funny, and inspiring. Perhaps younger people find his newer ones so.

In any case, here was a guy who made a career out of doing what he loved to do. His films were beautiful, and he brought enjoyment to many thousands – perhaps millions – of people.

Thank you, Warren Miller.

(BTW: I like the Arri 16S in the photo in the article. I’ll have to dig mine out. :slight_smile: )

A legend has passed. I can’t even begin to count the number of hours I’ve spent watching Mr. Miller’s films.

RIP Mr. Miller, and thank you for everything you did.

Damn sad news. His movies were awesome. I just loved his voice overs - such a calm relaxing voice to go with splendid visuals.
I haven’t been skiing in years but I do want to go again. To paraphrase what he always said “don’t put it off because you’ll just be another year older”.

Time to break out the DVDs I do have.

How sad. I had no idea he was that old.

Love his movies. He showed such beautiful places with incredible skiing.