RO: LA elementary school teacher charged with committing lewd acts with 23 boys & girls ages 7 to 10

USA Today:

I have no words.

From the title, I thought this happened in Louisiana, rather than Los Angeles as is the case. Perhaps a mod can fix it?
Reported for that reason.

I just read this as well, and was horrified.

As a parent, there are some things I just don’t want to know.

I know that film cameras have their advantages over digital, as I often advocate, but privacy is not one of them. What kind of moron would bring film of something like this to be processed by a photo lab who would see the images?

I am sure Starving Artist will be along soon to tell us all what really happened in that class room.

I’m slightly confused on the specifics in the article. He was an ex-teacher and yet they found a bottle in his classroom garbage with his jizz in it? What kind of sloppy maintenance does this school have? And he spooned semen into their taped mouths?

Somebody needs to re-write that story until it makes sense. No-- skip that. This story will never make sense.

Yeah, it said that he committed the lewd acts between 2008 and 2010. Did they just now find the semen sample from his classroom? WTF?

CNN article states scumbag was removed from job in January 2011

He was still teaching until the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department told his school district.

:mad: Shut up and eat what’s put in front of you!

These ungrateful punks these days . . . With all those poor kids starving in Eur- Chin- India?

Well, I laughed. And then groaned. Please, just don’t say his name three times or we’ll be in this thread for 50 pages.

I know. I just couldn;t help myself.

Yes, that’s the big problem here. Well spotted.

Wait wait wait. He served them cookies and semen, and they are locking him up for it? Society can be so backwards sometimes.

Either someone who wants to get caught or someone who is such a deluded sociopath that he thinks he wont be caught.

Or someone who forgot which role of film was in which film canister.

Or which semen was on which cookie.

I think we all realize what “the big problem is” here, so take that self righteous bullshit and stick it up your ass. Someone always has to come into these kind of threads and chastise people for commenting on amusing secondary details, as if we should all just mindlessly be wailing and droning about how outraged we are.

Thirty years, and not one report till now.

Im going to tell myself its because he only started doing it in the last one.


Can we get back to the thing about the cockroaches? I mean… I’ve been around the Internet a few times. Really. But I have yet to run into the “putting cockroaches on people’s faces” fetish.

Well, until now, I guess.