Roach Ranch (Rd.)---Strange Road Names

Yup. This is the name of a real road in rural North Carolina. I drove by it today and I immediately thought of tiny roach herds, controlled by itty bitty roach cowboys, with entertainment provided during the roach rodeo…

Any interesting road names in your neck of the woods? And better yet, do you know the story BEHIND the interesting name? I have no idea where the roach ranch came from.

Just last week I found myself on Sodom Lane in Derby, CT. No idea why that name was chosen…

I’ve always been amused by Las Pulgas Road. It means ‘The Fleas’.

The other day I was looking at data, and there was an address on Monster Road. I wish I lived on Monster Road!

Circle Line Road always amused me.

Were you roundly amused?

Mississauga, ON has a Random Rd. I don’t know where it goes.

Here and there, probably. No place in particular.
I also remember a street in my neighborhood growing up that was called “Rolling House Rd.” Huh?

Sni-A-Bar Road in Kansas City.

My favourite is Zyzzyx Rd. Gads, how many times have I driven by that sign in my life?

When I was looking for property I came across Dismal Hollow Road. I really wanted to like on Dismal Hollow.


When I lived in Pennant Hills I used to drive past Lois Lane.

My favorite, near home is Pull And Be Damned Road

The local rowing club named a regatta after it.

Here in Jersey we’ve good 'ol Shades Of Death Road.

Sheesh, and the best I can come up with is “Old Road to Nine Acres Corner” AKA “ORNAC.”

I agree, some of those road names would be great addresses. (Looks at own address. sigh)

And of course I misspelled it. :smack:

You wouldn’t want to live there Johnny. It’s just off I-405, near Southcenter Mall and there’s way too much traffic and noise around it, though Monster Road itself never turned into a major thoroughfare. Apparently, way back when it was a rural, farming community, there was a family by the last name of Monster who lived there and that’s how the road got its name. At least that’s the story I’ve been told.

About 15-20 miles south of Port Townsend, WA, there’s The Egg and I Road. It was named in honor of Betty MacDonald who had written a very popular book in the mid-forties by the same name (except for the ‘Road’ part) and had once lived there. It detailed her unhappy but humorous misadventures as the wife of a chicken farmer.

If you’ve ever seen any of the old Ma and Pa Kettle movies, they were based on her characters. I understand that some of the neighbors were angry about how she portrayed Ma and Pa Kettle (lazy, slovenly, uneducated country bumpkins) because they thought she was actually writing about them. Betty MacDonald claimed they weren’t based on anyone specific but a compilation of a bunch of people.

By the way, I’ve always liked the title of her sequel, which documented the months she spent in a sanitarium in North Seattle with a case of tuberculosis. She doesn’t name the sanitarium but I know where it is. The buildings haven’t been used for that purpose in many years but it would be cool (sorta) if the road in front would be renamed The Plague and I Road. Doubt that’ll happen though.

I remember one night I was riding a bus into Buffalo, NY, and I saw a highway exit sign for Locust Ave. I hear it’s right next to Plague Boulevard and Boils Drive. :dubious:

What I meant, of course, was that I wish the street I live on was called Monster Road. Or Hideous Misshapen Beast Drive, or Enn Trail, or Hellish Obscenity Street. But I like the sound of Monster Road.

Dad and I were driving through California City when I was about 15. We passed by a street called Hugo. I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if the next street was called Victor?’ It was.

I’d like to drive down Ragged Ass Road.