Robot Unicorn Attack

Tell me how addicting this game is:

I watched the boyfriend play it for hours last week. He never got very far. (I always wanted to see if there was another level and a different song.)

Moving from MPSIMS to Game Room.

I played that game one night. For hours. Haven’t gone back, but very very addictive especially for a game with 2 control buttons.

Thanks to an ad for that game (I didn’t even play it!), I had that song stuck in my head while I was taking the bar exam.

When it’s cold, outside…

I hadn’t heard it for years. I’m sure that Erasure is storming back up the charts.

That’s a real song? Not a hilarious Robot Unicorn Attack song?


(highest so far 32,756)

It is indeed a real song. If you youtube the video for Always by Erasure, prepare yourself for a low-budget, East meets West, sci-fi fantasy of ridiculousness.

ETA: Almost all of the comments on the youtube page are about Robot Unicorn Attack

New high of 48,856!!

Persistence is futile! You will fail! You will die a fiery death!

Bah! Humbug! I can’t get above 11,000. Walls come out of nowhere. Although, have you noticed that you can dash into a wall and not die? Other thing I’ve noticed is that you can do a double jump, then dash and immediately jump again, in mid-air?

I don’t think there’s ever a different song… the one eventually fades out for a few seconds then starts again. If you keep going far enough, you are eventually accompanied by glowy dolphins jumping in and out of the screen - which makes me wonder if the game was programmed by the same guy who did Dolphin Olympics.

We did see the dolphins, which were so funny he immediately ran into one of those damned stars.

Does **Robot Arm **know about this?

“quite possibly the gayest game ever”

This is how they advertized it on Adult Swim. So naturally, I had to see for myself what “the gayest game ever” was. Now every office you go into at the college I work at is blaring Erasure.

I wish it was Depeche Mode instead.

There’s DOLPHINS?!

I have to play this more…

There goes my week.

Oh, yeah. It’s like Lisa Frank threw up.

Just a note after further experimentation - I’m now pretty sure there’s nothing past the dolphins in terms of stuff to unlock - once I got to about 15,000 on one life, I got 2 dolphins at once; I’m sure if someone manages to get to 30,000 somehow they’d have 4 or 5 of the things.

I had an unhealthy tendency of running into walls. Stop rubbing it in. :smack:

Heh, nice bot post. Anyway, seeing this thread inspired me to play again, whereupon I found this: Heavy Metal Version

I can’t get it to load. :frowning: