You're going to hate me for some of these games (Factory Balls and Auditorum)

Both of these games are SFW (as long as playing games at your workplace is allowed at all. :p)

The first I just spent a good, facinating half hour on. It’s not a very LONG game and it’s sorta simplish, but the game is so ingenious that it can’t help but be addictive and fun.

Factory Balls 2

It included a few laugh out loud moments for me as well.
The rules are simple…you grab a ball and try to make what’s on the current box cover by dragging the ball to the various things in the circle. By doing this, you will modify the ball ever so slightly and sometimes things take two or three drags to the same thing (or different things) to get the desired result.

The second is just extraordinary and strangely hypnotic almost…it combines wonderful colors and music with puzzles. It’s called Auditorium.


I got so engrossed in playing this one that I stayed up all night.

Again, the rules are simple…you use the various arrow circles (in moving them around or increasing their barrier) to make the light source flow into the meter bars and fill them up…creating a piece of music.

It’s really hard to explain…the best way to figure it out (I’ve found) is to play it and fiddle around a bit until you get it. I made it all the way to the Spring level 3.3 before I finally gave up, but I’ll be going back to it again, believe me. What a great game!

Auditorium is one of the few online flash games I’ve ever paid to play the full version. Some of the levels towards the end get to be quite tricky.

Oy, Factory Ball level 21 is tough…

OK, I’m dumb but I can’t get past Level 1 and find nothing intuitive about it. I like problem solving games, but this seems completely arbitrary, which bores me. :frowning:

How can’t you get past level one? You pick up a white ball (by clicking and holding the mouse) and you drag it and drop it in one of the circles. You want to make the ball that’s on the box cover…so see, it’s blue and has some black tape over some green tape.

So what you’d do is first dye it blue (drop it in the blue paint) and then drop it on the green tape and then drop it on the black tape…ta da. : )

Finally beat the Factory Balls one. That was a rather fun brain teaser, took me like half an hour.

How do you get the rabbit ears one?

Dip it in seed before you grow the ears.

No, you grow the ears by using the plunger (pointing in the right direction) on it. The ball apparently is a balloon. At least so it appears to me. If you pull too many times with the plunger, it bursts.

To be fair to ArchiveGuy, I had trouble figuring out Level one, also. After you “get it,” though, it’s much more fun.

For the life of me…I cannot get the ball that needs top black, with white spots and the bottom white with black spots (I think that’s level 21 or 22).

That was the hardest one for me, too. I’m not sure how I ended up getting it; just a lot of experimentation.

Did you notice the white paint can is only half a can?

Disregard, I’m an idiot. =P

I did that but it wasn’t working (or at least I wasn’t doing it right). That’s why it seemed on the surface to be easy, but what I thought should happen persisted in not happening.

The other game was pretty cool, though, and maybe I’ll give this first one a chance again…

OK, I got the hang of it now. :smack: Neat. :slight_smile:

I just want to subscibe to this thread so I can try these later.

I’m color blind, so anything with red or green on, I’m hosed. I got stuck on the first level that had two belts, because I couldn’t tell the the stripes were two different colors.

Auditorium is cool though.

Don’t feel bad ArchiveGuy, I had the same problem as you.

OHHHHH…okayyy. :slight_smile:

Thank you.