Rock Bottom Remainders on Craig Ferguson

The Rock Bottom Remainders pretaped their last concert for a Craig Ferguson episode that aired yesterday (Aug. 6).

Does anybody know who all the participants were?

No, but thanks for the link. I forgot to record that.

The lead singer is definitely Ridley Pearson

I recognized Stephen King and humorist Dave Barry as two of the guitarists.

Sportswiter Mitch “Tuesdays With Morrie” Albom was on keyboards

Amy Tan was one of the girls in the chorus.

The hefty guy on the far left looked like Matt Groenig.

The main female vocalist appears to have been Mitch Albom’s wife, Janine Sabino.

Sonofabitch - our stupid DVR is still being stupid, so no late night recording for us. Dammit!

I tried to figure out who was playing. I think CBS will let you watch the whole episode for a week or so.

I’m thinking front row, left to right, Matt Groening, Roy Blount Jr., Scott Turow, Mary Karr, Amy Tan, Janice Sabino, Ridley Pearson, Dave Barry, Mitch Albom.

Back row, Sam Barry playing harmonica, I think the Sax and Drums are the pros, Erasmo Paulo and Josh Kelly. James McBride and Greg Iles are there, behind the leads.

Who’d I miss or get wrong?

I love the idea of them, but have always been afraid to watch. I know some of them are supposed to be decent. They sometimes have Roger McGuinn sitting in…

Did they perform “Land of A Thousand Dances”, lol?

As I expected, I can’t watch it in Canada.

I can, however, watch it on Youtube for now. :smiley:

They sounded as good as many of the real bands that appear on late night shows. Definitely garage band funsters but I’d listen to them over a bunch of so-called professionals. Click on the link. It won’t kill you. :slight_smile:

ShallowEnd, sounds like a good list. I was looking for Roy Blount, Jr. but the guy in the hat and sunglasses didn’t match up to my memory. At the end, though, you can see the gray hair in back.

Stephen King is to the left of Ridley Pearson (his right), two over. Playing black acoustic guitar and sharing a microphone.

That was all kinds of awesome!

If it is mainly for fun, why are they “breaking up”?

Well, I heard Dave Barry hooked up with some moody Japanese chick, and Stephen King was getting into Eastern mysticism, and Turow felt the oldies material was stifling his creativity (he wanted to play more free form jazz)… plus all the heavy drug usage. It was inevitable.

Oh man, what’s Groening going to do now?

No Al Kooper? Bummer.

The founder of the band died a few months ago. (Here’s an interview where Barry says the same.) Since they said they only play one show a year, it’s hardly even a breakup- they’re taking off one more day than usual. :wink: I didn’t realize they were going away, but that was a nice sendoff.

Too many chords. :slight_smile:

They played the annual Scholarship Bash at the American Library Association Annual conference this past June. I don’t normally go, but I went this time, since they were playing. Definitely worth it. :slight_smile: