Rocky Horror Picture Show question

I noticed that on TV they cut one of the last songs, going straight to the globe speech. I think the song is called “superheroes” or something like that, I definitely have it on my recording. I was considering buying the movie on DVD, but was wondering if this song was included on the available DVDs or if it had actually been cut for some reason.

Anyone know what’s going on with that cut?

The song didn’t make it into the final cut of the movie, but is included as a special feature on the DVD.

The DVD also has another cut song: “Once Upon A Time.”

And I love the easter egg on the disc.

Once Upon A Time bites, but Superheroes is pretty good. They’re both on the DVD.

Superheroes is in the stage production, also.

Superheros was cut from the U.S. release of R.H.P.S.

FYI, it’s Once In A While

At the campus theater I worked at, the print we’d get for our semester-ly showings of R.H.P.S did have “Superheros” on it. Then again, it was a 16mm print, so the distributer may have had to import it.

The theatre I used to see RHPS at in Houston had the version with Superheroes in it. For years, that was the only version I knew, then I rented it one night and couldn’t figure out why it cut so abruptly to the Criminologist after the house takes off. It took my longer than it should have to realize that there was supposed to be a song there.
What can I say? I was used to seeing it in the middle of the night.
IMHO, the scene flows better with that song left in. I’m not even sure why they cut it. It’s not long at all!!!
On a similar subject, why doesn’t my copy of the movie soundtrack include Planet, Shmanet Janet?

Because you don’t have the 25th anniversary edition of the soundtrack. It also appears on the “international” disc included with the 15th anniversary box set, as does “Once in a While” performed by Barry Bostwick. I like the song better than some others here, I guess.

My first RHPS theatre didn’t include “Superheroes.” The second did but no one really culted it. My university showed it once a semester and their print not only included “Superheroes” but the “Science Fiction Double Feature” reprise.

IIRC they thought the superheros song was too depressing for the American release. After our theatres copy disentigrated after showing it every weekend for 20 years or so, they got a new copy that had superheros.