Roleplaying Elf guilty of robbery

From the Beeb;


To be honest, there are some right wierdos working at our uni’, one of the computer technicians looks like Dudley Moore and another has an uncanny resemblence to the secret agent in Stingray (and he ain’t human)

This guy is obviously deranged. Come on, yer in character in Shadowrun and you go lifting ladies’ knickers? I mean, at least he could’a decked some credsticks outta the store safe or gone all hermetic and arranged a pentagram out of garters. Savvy, chummers?


Shadowrun is one word. Do yer research, BBC.

Stealing underwear is only the first step…

Yes, there must have been some sort of plan to profit from the theft. If only we knew what that missing step was…

Great. Blame the RPG culture again. Do people blame the chef culture everytime someone gets killed with a kitchen knife? :rolleyes:

If they did so while in character as a chef preparing suckling pig, yes.

He should have brought a bag of holding. Then he would have gotten away with it.

Of course not! We blame the knife manufacturer for being so irresponsible as to make such an incredibly dangerous device without proper safety features.

Blue Elf Has Been Stealing All The Underwear Lately.

Stupid elf poser. Underwear is an unnatural imposition of human society’s mores.

(This message brought to you by the Society for the Advancement of Daisy-Eating Back-to-Nature Elven Agendas.)

I betcha he would have gotten away with it if he was roleplaying a gnome instead.