Rolex for sale

Rolex Submariner (Date) made in 1987, model #16803
Serial number R388413
Band is not a Rolex band.
Overhauled in 2009 by Rolex USA

Completely functional and near pristine physically.


Here is a thread I did when I get it and had it repaired back in 2009.

You want to make me some other offer? Feel free.

Too rich for my blood (I don’t even wear watches!), but as a matter of interest, how would one verify that this is indeed a Rolex? Is there some kind of verification system in place for transactions like this?

Obviously I trust 100% that this is what you say it is. I’m just curious.

When I first got it, the jeweler who appraised it told me a couple of key indicators:

  1. The second hand runs in a continuous sweep, rather than a stop-start tick…tick…tick.
  2. The hour hand has a circle near the outer end with what look a whole lot like a Mercedes logo.
  3. The locations of the serial and model numbers on the body. Also, there are places online to look these numbers up to be sure they’re genuine numbers, and that the model number matches the model of watch that you’re looking at. Of course, there’s nothing to prevent a counterfeiter from from using genuine numbers, but most are not so … detail oriented.

I imagine the only way to REALLY be sure is to have somebody who knows the watches to open it up and look at the interior works.

In Boyo Jim’s case, it was overhauled by Rolex. They wouldn’t touch it if it wasn’t one of theirs.

Neat, thanks! I hope I didn’t disrupt the thread.

Which reminds me – I need to contact Rolex and see if I can get any documentation from them that the work was done. Because of the local service place botching the overhaul, it was sent by the local place to Rolex USA to get the work done right. And it was sent back to the local place, and if there was documentation to that effect, I didn’t get it. I know the work was actually done because I called Rolex in NYC to verify it.

Then ignore that part of my PM! :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw a crime show (documentary series) several years ago where the cops (In the UK) identified a body they fished out of the sea by contacting Rolex to have them check their records. They should have a record of having worked on your watch.

If you don’t get what you want here, you might try eBay after this. Even assuming the band is missing and that takes half the value away (which I don’t think it would. You could probably get a replacement for $1000). I think $2,000 is a very reasonable net on this after fees.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you can get even more. Frankly with the band and the certificate of authenticity, you may even hit $5,500 for it.
May. YMMV.

The prices I’ve seen for Rolex bands are at least double what you’ve estimated.

Have you tried Bob’s watches? You put in the serial number and model and they email you a quote.

Yes, I have a quote from them. I would rather sell it to someone local or someone I have at least some history with than put it in the mail to an online store that I don’t even know has some physical location.

Will you take a kidney instead of $2K? :slight_smile:

You folks missed a real bargain. I found a local place – I didn’t expect much of them because it seemed like it was the kind of pace that would buy the jewelry from desperate people for 10 cents on the dollar.

But I went in and they made me a really solid offer. I sold it for $3300 which was near the high end of the ballpark offers I for from some online places.

I guess this means that Rick gets to keep his kidney.

I’m still trying to grasp why someone so intelligent would offer to sell something for $2000. when they had higher offers.