When you saw the thread title, did you first think…?

A. The modern city in Italy

B. The ancient Roman Empire

C. The ancient Roman Republic

D. A town in New York or Georgia

E. A variety of apple

F. Something else (please specify)

The modern city. (I thought it was going to be a ‘tell me what to do/see/visit’ thread)

B. The Ancient Roman Empire.

Dunno why though

A. The modern city in Italy.

F. Something else: my home city, birth place and seat of my Alma Mater.

As did I.

Ditto - or anche, as the Italians would say. Right before they ordered another Nastro.

A,B, and C.

A. The modern city.

And when I think of Gibbon, it’s either Euell or great ape.

That last one isn’t really true, but they did pop into my head when I started to type this post. And I had to google “Euell Gibbon” (actually “Euell Gibbons”) to find out why I knew his name.

And if anyone thought of the USA, this webpage might be interesting.

Rome if you want to, rome around the world.



Chalk me up in the traveloque category.

First it was B and then a slightly bemused tug toward the HBO series to be offered someday.

I thought of Rome: Total War. Can’t really tell you why though.

B and C, 'cause unless I’m thinking about it, the two become one in my brain.

B. The ancient Roman Empire.

Then I thought it may be about a show with the same title that’s in production by HBO and another company. Then I wondered why it wasn’t in CS. By then I got the preview pane and was able to see what it was about.

Well…F, but F in a way that’s almost a B or C. I thought of ancient Rome, but not the Empire OR Republic, just the ancient city itself.

The HBO Series.

I thought A because I thought it was going to be a travelogue type thing. If you had asked in Great Debates, though, I probably would have said B or C.