Ron Howard, Opie, and Ritchie for Obama

Thought this would be here by now, sorry if I missed it in searching;

A great piece by Ron Howard endorsing Obama, with help from Andy Griffith, Henry Winkler, and some fine wigs, to revisit Opie and Ritchie. I’m knocked out by the decency and creativity here. Class act, Ron!

Thanks for sharing the video. They are all very sweet and sincere.

The best part is:

When the Fonz can’t say “wrong,” just like on Happy Days. Hee!

That was awesome. I’m crying tears of delight.

Little Opie Cunningham will always be one of my favorites.

wonders off to see if The Courtship of Eddie’s Father is available anywhere

Moved to Cafe Society because of the celebrity content.

Thank you for sharing that. It well pretty awesome and cute.

Totally understand the move, Marley, I wavered betwixt the two forums.

And, I would like to move from the sweet and cute of the piece, too. It’s “decent”, but, Ron is the guy who brought us “Arrested Development”, so not a wuss sweetie at all. This video is so very well produced, with some arch moments, like his nose manicuring. And Andy Griffith’s good cold reading of keeping away from felonies and butterfly ballots. Very sharp.

Ya. Vote Democrat because the uber-rich Hollywood stars with no problem paying the mortgage tell you to.

Fuck off.

ETA: These fucking jerkweeds have no place in trying to sway voters. Go masturbate elsewhere. Assholes.

I loved it as well, but it was obvious that Andy and Opie filmed their scene separately.

They probably should have more say than somebody from Ontario.

Please. We stalk celebrities. We hang on every little thing they do in public, and as much as we can find out about what they’re doing in private.

And when they try to use the fact that we won’t leave them the fuck alone to their advantage, not just to sell movie tickets but to advance the political or social causes that they care about, then they’ve crossed some kind of line?

Spare me. Howard, Griffith, and Winkler have as much right as any other American citizen to crow about their chosen candidate, which is to say they have the right to say virtually whatever they want to whomever will listen. If their fame means than more people will watch this video than check out my blog, then so be it.

Who’s “we?” I don’t stalk anyone. I could care less about their personal lives or who they’re dating.

Even though it was clearly a pro-Dem clip, and will be part of the influence imparted, the message they’re actually saying is “vote” rather than “vote the same way I do because I’m famous and I say so”.

I’ve been having to do that since I was 19. Perhaps I should get some scissors.

In checking it, I don’t think that’s quite right. Its obvious that it was shot in front of a green screen, and that may account for why it looks like they did it separately. Certainly, the opening part where Ron walks out was shot separately, but I think that was done with the intent of making it look like Ron was going back in time. I’ve not heard of any dislike between Griffith and Howard (but I could care less about the show, so there might well be), and I can’t imagine the two of them being so spitting mad at one another that they would agree to do it only if they didn’t have to appear together. (Andy’s probably not in the best of health these days, so that may have played a role in doing it somehow. At times, it looked to me like it was Andy’s face on someone else’s body.)

In addition to telling others to "fuck off"being against the rules of Cafe Society (or any forum outside the Pit, really), you’re just being a jerk here. Knock it off.

They appeared together in 2003 in an “Andy Griffith Show” retrospective, so it they didn’t hate each other too much then.

He was in good enough health to play a lead role in an upcoming film (granted, “Grandpa Joe” probably won’t be jumping out of moving cars, but still…

Seeing Henry Winkler as the Fonz again was… cool. Now that we all know he’s a nebbishy Jewish guy (and old!), it’s fun to see him slip back into that character.

Maybe my age did it for me, but I really enjoyed it, thank you for sharing.

(and bring back Arrested Development!)

According to this article, Andy was filmed near his home in North Carolina, while Opie was filmed in California. I don’t think there’s any animosity between Ron and Andy. Ron is busy working on a film in CA, and Andy is an old man who didn’t want to fly to California to do 30 seconds of work.

Can you blame him? He’s probably got his doctor probing his backside enough as it is, without worrying about TSA agents trying to get “a piece of the action.” :smiley:


Somehow I didn’t learn of this ad until today. What I really loved about this one (and I’ve spoken several times about celebrities shooting their mouths off on politics, including those for Obama [Streisand, Damon, Baldwin]), is this:

1- Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, Andy Griffith- these are people who never do this

2- Ron’s bipartisan message

3- (most of all) The way they acknowledge they’re just celebrities and so they pay for your time by reprising their characters to get the message across. That was just absolutely brilliant, and for a kid of the 60s/70s/residuals ever since it was almost like- well, not a Beatles Reunion perhaps, but it’s way above a STAR TREK reunion (which you have every few years) or a Python get-together (which happens every so often). I’d have thought it was brilliant even if it’d been for McCain (I just would have disagreed with it).