Ron Paul supporters: why are they still at it?

Long after Ron Paul dropped out of the Republican presidential primary race, I still see cars decked out top to bottom in Ron Paul signs. Around my neighborhood and in adjacent communities, I see new Ron Paul signs nailed up on utility poles. The cities pull them off, and a week later they’re replaced.

It’s over. So, why aren’t so many supporters giving up?

As far as I can tell, an inordinate number of diehard Ron Paul supporters are 9-11 truthers. They’re not looking for actual results, they’re trying to spread “the truth.” Being rejected by the mainstream only furthers their delusions of victimhood, which is, of course, because the powers that be have us all fooled.

Or something. I try to avoid listening to them.

If they’re talking only about 9/11 CTs, which I doubt, then fine, avoid listening to them.

If they are talking about the fact that neither party offers an alternative to unlimited foreign intervention, surrender of national sovereignty, uniform adoption of a neocon agenda, or massive government spending, then I suspect they are going to keep talking until people, and the media, stop “avoiding listen[ing] to them.”