Ronald Reagan is GOD

Well not really, but all I saw this morning on FoxFriends was tributes to the man.
Is being 90 years old that amazing?
What IS the average age for people to live nowadays?
I know its a lot longer than olden days.
How mnay people have elderly relatives doing pretty good?
My dad is 86, and doing okay; he still shovels the snow!

I don’t think it’s that unusual to hear about somebody turning 90.

Since we were deeply involved in the man’s rectal polyps during his administration, I am not surprised to learn every other trivial aspect of his life.

(Tastless but funny joke: What does Ronald Reagan have in common with a typewriter? A semicolon.)

      • Ronald Reagan isn’t God.
  • Barry Goldwater is God; Ronald Reagan is Jesus (-although Barry did slip a few of his moorings with his advancing age). - MC

And, in fact, one of them later became President of the United States. (Ba-dum bump.)

My grandmother is 91. She’s not exactly a fitness star, but she’s pretty healthy for her age. A couple of months ago she flew from Boston and Los Angeles to see one of her grandchildren get married. Pretty impressive for a 91 year old.

I also recently read about some 103-year-old who does track and field and holds several world records for his age group (i’m not sure exactly what his age group is, but still, the fact that he can do it at all is pretty impressive).

Ronald Reagan thinks he’s god.

Then again, last week Ronnie thought he was a floor lamp. Before that, he thought he was an FBI agent. And twenty years ago, people thought he was a competent President…

I’m just hoping he kicks soon. As a federal employee, heck, if they gave us a day off when Nixon died, I’ve got a few coming.

I will say, that I hate Reagan with every fiber of my being.
That said, I still feel bad that the man has Alzheimers, a cruel, degrading, painful disease that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

And on THAT note, I’d like to reopen Reagan Bashing.
I’m reading a site right now…

Good lord…how can the GOP keep screaming about Clinton while still keeping a straight face! This is just INSANE!

My feelings match yours, Guinastasia. Reagan wreaked much evil on this country and the world, but I wouldn’t have wished Alzheimers on him.

One question, though: you said Alzheimers is painful. Do you mean physically? Really? How?

Painful as in emotionally, mentally and psychologically painful. For the victim and their loved ones. Not so much physically painful, though.

Vanilla asks:

> What IS the average age for people to live nowadays?

  1. Men average a couple of years less than this. Women average a couple of years more than this.

My aunt is 96, my uncle 94. They are both as bright, chipper, and mentally sharp as nearly anyone else I know. Sitting and talking to them is a real treat - they don’t fill the conversation with “Well, when I was young blah blah blah.” They’re both very much in the here and now.

On his birthday my uncle goes swimming in the Rapphannock River near Fredericksburg. He says that on his 4th birthday my grandfather threw him in and said “Swim.” He’s been doing it ever since.

We were deeply involved in his rectal polyps?
No, I think that was Ronnie himself who had his head up his ass back in the 80’s.

I heard on NPR today that Reagan is one of only three ex-presidents to make it to 90. John Adams was one also. They said who the third president to make it to 90 was, but I can’t remember.

Dear lord. After reading my last post I only have one thing to say:

I really am a native English speaker, regardless of what my last post may indicate.

Paternal grandparents both died in their early 80’s about twenty years ago.

Maternal grandparents are in their early 90s, both still alive, both still very sharp mentally, but after that there’s great divergence in their conditions.

My grandmother is diabetic, nearly deaf, nearly blind and is so weak she’s wheelchair-bound.

My grandfather still drives, still mows his lawn and only stopped putting up and tending his half-acre vegetable garden because all the neighbors he used to share his crops with died off.

His mother lived to be 102, and Granddaddy’s habits and lifestyle are much healthier than hers were. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someday I find myself in the same retirement home with him.

Herbert Hoover was the third.

The reason why Reagan’s age is noteworthy is that while three ex-Presidents have now lived to 90, none has made it to 91. If Reagan’s still alive come Halloween (IIRC), he’ll be our longest-lived President.

Ronald Reagan is God.
Ronald Reagan is senile.
==> God is senile.

Sorry, but that’s what first popped into my head when I saw the thread title. :wink:

I saw Tom Brokaw interviewing Nancy Reagan last night (she looks more and more like a Pez dispenser every year). “Now that your husband is ninety, do you think some of his opponents have softened toward him?” asked Tom. Nancy beamed and answered, “Oh, yes, I think EVERYONE realizes what a wonderful man he is.”

I’m sitting there yelling at my set, “Well, I don’t! He was a sonofabitch twenty years ago and he’s a sonofabitch now!” Just because he’s old and sick, that negates everything he did (or, regarding AIDS, everything he DIDN’T do)?

      • Twenty years ago AIDS was a n*****, f***** and junkie disease; I don’t remember it being a real high priority for anyone who didn’t have it, except people who wanted massive piles of government money to do research on it. ~ Which, had they been able to cure it, would have been really handy later on, -but the point is that there is no shortage of people asking for piles of government money for reasons that could turn out to be massive disasters, or nothing at all. If they get the money they say “I helped prevent a disaster, so the money wasn’t wasted”; if they don’t get it they say “I told you so”. - MC

Why, is that how many days after his 90th that Hoover died? Or Adams?

Personally, my life would have been much more interesting if my gramp had lived to 90 and Reagan had died at 78 instead of the other way 'round. IMHO :slight_smile: