Rosie O'donnel - the racist.

The other day I was watching Rosie, but mind you, I normally do not watch this show because Rosie is a fat hypocritical bitch. I was only watching because of Charlize Theron - HOT!!!. Anyway, after that she had an animal skit where the guest brought out an eagle, and it looked as though Rosie was not pleased with this ugly gigantic bird with a 6 foot wing span, flying around her and her desk. Near the end of the skit, the guest had mentioned that the bird was the national symbol for Mexico. And real quickly, she said, “exactly”. As though she tried to say it under her breath. She should have just said, “The bird is ugly, obviously it came from Mexico.” Now maybe I’m wrong, maybe I misunderstood, but that is what she said. Did anyone else see it?

Let me add “exactly” to the list, right there with “niggardly” and “gump.”

I’m afraid, you’re going to have to do better than that…

I can’t imagine any possible way to construe that situation in a racial manner.

It just gets worse and worse. I swear, I am a white male, will I be allowed to even show my face in your ideal world?

What is next, calling water racist for being closer to white than black. I honestly don’t get some of you lunatics. Were you beaten as children or something?

This message board is racist! I am being forced to type my message in black while the white racist blackground surrounds the black letters as if suffocating them.

Why is night time black?!? This is clearly because the racist creator of the universe had to keep the blackness away from the good daylight.

I forgot, we need to boycott Fruit of the Loom underwear. Explain why all of their undershirts and underwear have to be the color white. Obviously you can’t, because they are racist, and so is the maker of dirt, any reason it should be black? I didn’t think so.

Back to the OP:

I did not see the show (Rosie is not on my top ten list of shows).

If the bird was refered to as a “Mexican Eagle” and the national symbol of Mexico, then likely this bird was a Crested Caracara, not known for either beauty or gentle temperment [ask me about my encounter with Lester “the Molester”, one of our caracara at our rehab center – Lester doesn’t like anybody and chases them around the cage durin cleaning].

I have to admit, they do have this really cool rattling call and can hyperflex their neck (throwing the head back and touching the beak to the middle of the back) producing a change in pitch and timbre.

But back to the one question you asked: No, I did not see the show.

Says TexasSpur

Actually, water is closer to black than white, you elitist, racist scum.

I’d say that Rosie’s comment is no more racist than starting a thread about whether black women are better looking these days. As a matter of fact, I’d consider it substantially less racist.

Let me get this straight:

  1. It is against your high principles to watch a show hosted by a hypocrite like Rosie.
  2. But you are willing to compromise those priniciples should a beautiful woman appear on her show.


  1. It is against your high principles to discriminate against people because of their skin color.
  2. But discriminating against people because of their weight is perfectly acceptable.

Thank you, PunditLisa. I was thinking the exact same thing. (Oops, I said “exact.”)

Moderator Notes: no name-calling in MPSIMS, Chief. You know that.

I agree that TexasSpurs posts were far from enlightening, but they were not racist. He was merely trying to explain that he doesn’t believe in seeking racism where none is intended. I think.

Actually, I thought Chief was just continuing the same joke that TexasSpur started. Texas says that people will be screaming “racism” over the color of water, then Chief calls him racist for his comments on the color of water. At least that’s how it looked to me.

Oh. Well, it’s not the first time that I’ve been whooshed. If that’s the case, Chief, consider my notes retracted.

In light of reading this thread, I am now going to boycott the JC Penney annual white sale. The nerve of that company.

…yes…and what about white-out? Damn racist liquid paper companies…blocking out the black writing with white liquid. Bastards.

Farmer - I saw that episode (there was the cutest monkey I have ever seen on before the eagle!) Did you even watch the whole segment?? Rosie was scared as HELL of that bird because it flew in and nearly took her head off. She was mumbling crap the whole time because she was scared.

Perhaps your irrational hatred of Ms. O’Donnell has driven you in a desperate search for some sort of hideous, unseen quality that you believe she harbors beneath her jolly “fat hypocritical bitch” exterior. You know the moment the uttered “exactly” escaped her lips your little heart skipped with joy. “Ha, ha!” you thought, your VCR busily recording every juicy second. “Now, all I have to do is run this to the networks and my sworn arch nemesis, Rosie, will be history!!!”
<throws head back in villainous cackle>

Catch a clue, dude…not every off-hand comment has some sort of hidden alterior meaning. I bet you were the kid in the back of the classroom in high school, snickering uncontrollably everytime your teacher said something like “penal code.”

If you’re on the hunt for a biggot…I advise you turn your search elsewhere. Yes, we’re all in agreement that her show and acting skills leave something to be desired…but geez…chill out. :rolleyes:

Oh my God Farmer you’re right! I thought I had imagined it! I couldn’t believe that Rosie O’Donnell said “exactly”. I will never watch her show again.

But that’s not all. The other day I was watching David Letterman and he used the word “certainly”. Then right after that on Conan O’Brien I heard Conan say “yes”, except he said it twice: “Yes yes.” Oh the humanity! I immediately fired off a letter to those bastards at NBC.

And don’t even get me started when Bill Maher used the word “indubitably”. :mad: :mad: :mad:

Damn you submit button! I meant to say And don’t even get me started about the time when Bill Maher used the word “indubitably”.

I don’t watch Rosie, never have, probably never will. The comment doesn’t appear racist while reading it. I guess the only way to measure if it was racist is to watch a rerun of the show. I nominate our esteemed moderator, Coldfire to view all Rosie shows searching for further racist remarks.

I saw the show… it was a golden eagle. It flew in above her head and crashed into the set right behind her instead of on the keepers outstretched arm.

BTW …I noticed no racism… then again i’m a white male so i’ve not been trained to spot these things…

A joke it was.
Retracted they are.


And SNOW-Snow is WHITE! How can that be? See, even NATURE is racist!!!