Roy Orbison. Clingfilm. Terrapins.

Really, really worth clicking.

Work safe (no pictures, no sex, etc.), unless you want funny looks from coworkers.

I’m speechless. that was…beautiful:

wanders away in a daze

:eek: :eek: :eek:


“In space, no-one can hear you squeak with pleasure”

I’ll give this one bump before the month is out.

I saw that a while back. It’s kind of an odd place.

What, you find something strange about a webpage devoted to short stories involving wrapping Roy Orbison in clingfilm?

Didn’t someone once mention this in a rant about fan fiction? Cuz I thought it was a joke.


If this hasn’t been a Weird Earl’s before, it should be now.

How very odd. I could see a fantasy about wrapping some women in clingwrap, but Roy? In the biography “Dark Star”, it’s discussed with some humor how people would react upon seeing Orbison in a bathing suit. Not a pretty sight, as he was extremely white; to the point of pasty, sickly white.

It’s great! HHHuUUHU!
Anybody else have an audio track of Ulrich Haarbuerste running in your head?
Mike Meyer’s character, Dieter from Sprockets must be the model.
Clearly the author is American, though.

Or an Englishman. The address ends in “.uk”.

I went to that website when I first heard about it, must be a year ago. That is some truly bizarre stuff! But I have to say, that one bit of poetry that ends in “a glimpse of johnson” just cracks me up. What an absolutely strange, absurd, great thing to say in a poem. Now, the question is, are these guys serious? Or is it all a big put-on? They don’t seem to be laughing about it, but maybe that’s the joke… I guess people have stranger fetishes than wishing they could wrap Roy Orbison naked in Saran Wrap, but come on, really! Roy Orbison in Saran Wrap???