Roy Orbison completely wrapped in clingfilm

I’m sure those Dopers who visit regularly have seen this by now.

I believe these pieces of writing are, in a word, unexampled.

Perhaps we might write other stories about clingfilm, and the interesting people who are wrapped in it. And terrapins.

Oh my god, I think I’m dying. That’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a… Christ, some span of time. I dunno. I’m going to go read some more.

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I think I found my new sig:

“Wurzel Gummidge gives Aunt Sally head”

I wish I knew what that meant.

Oh. My. God.

No words can describe this. This is just unparalleled…is this guy for real?

There is already a thread about this in MPSIMS.

And the question is: What was Minnie Pearl’s recurring sexual fantasy?

What, leftovers again?!