Rubber Clothing (Fetish)?

This is surely one of the strangest fetishes I have heard of. It must be very uncomfortable to wear (you probably sweat heavily). Plus, it must be hotter than a wool body suit. So what is the attraction of rubber?

Now that you mention it, this is kinda odd. I can kinda understand some fetishes. Many involve something from your childhood being given sexual overtones (eg, spanking or furry fetish). Bondage involves the fairly basic desire to assert authority. Wearing rubber clothing is… different.

I’ve always been mystified by people with foot fetishes. Sorry, but I don’t care how attractive your feet are. They’re not sexy.

On the contrary. A skin tight rubber/latex suit needs no explanation. The stuffed fur toy animal suit… that… that is what needs explaining, not to mention therapy.

Shrug I guess it’s all about associations. When I see a guy in a rubber suit, I think of that ridiculous scene at the end of Pulp Fiction, which really doesn’t come anywhere near sexual arousal :rolleyes:

I suppose it’s like anything else - if you like it, no explanation is necessary. If you don’t, no explanation is sufficient.

Other people’s kinks are weird. Rubber suits are odd. Eight cans of whipped cream, a tarpaulin, two feather dusters, and robots in the form of the 1988 Soviet gymnastics team is just being creative.


There are lots of possible reasons. And, of course, there’s a lot of different elements and variations.

Latex/rubber clothing is often tight. Would you find a leotard or yoga pants fetish all that strange? Some of the same ideas, just shinier.

There’s a lot of D/s stuff involved as well. Hot and uncomfortable? That can be part of it. Makes things look more doll-like? Can be part of it. Movement gets restricted, either just by natural tightness or stiffness, or something more extreme like a vac-bed or inflatable suit? That can be part of it as well.

Going with what WIKI says - the folks I know really into it all fall back on the “second skin” explanation.

It’s probably also real good for hiding non-human antennas, which start twitching the moment spam rears it’s ugly head. (<2 mins to the ‘reported’ post!!!)
Condoms are made of latex, paint is made of latex. Can I just dip a certain part of my anatomy into a can of Weatherbeater before sexytime? :smiley:

You can, but it’s gonna make enunciation hella difficult.

Don’t forget to put down a coat of primer first.

The Master Speaks

I’ve donned a wet-suit a couple of times for sailing/kayaking. I’m glad it’s not my fetish.

I love leather. I find it very sensuous and love the feel of leather directly on my skin. It’s probably the same thing with people who like to wear rubber.

I guess there’s no accounting for taste. LOL

[Yoda]If it was your fetish, you would be.
You would be. [/Yoda]

I think the appeal is that it’s tight and clinging so it reveals the shape of the wearer’s body while keeping it technically concealed.

YouTube videos (no nudity but people wearing latex outfits)

Men Try Latex For The First Time
Women Wear Latex For The First Time

Geez, I miss Ralph. He was always good for a laugh. How long is he suspended for?

Once wore one to a costume party. Real bad idea.

I watched a documentary on DragonCon a while back. One of the folk there was wearing thigh high latex (?) boots. At the end of the day she went back to her room, took off the boots and poured an amazing amount of water out of them into the toilet.

Yeah, that’s sexy.

On cold, rainy days, I run in an REI windbreaker that has velcro closures at the wrists. Whenever I lower my arms, sweat that’s collected in the elbows pours down onto my hands. And that’s in a lightweight garment that’s nowhere near skin-tight.

I can’t imagine the appeal of sweaty latex. But then, it’s not my kink. Everybody has their own turn-on.

If I remember, it was an open-ended deal. He had to do something for the suspension to be lifted.