*Preliminary note: I am possessed of a warped sense of humor and a sarcasm level which is not always identifiable in print. This post contains neither. *

**Rubystreak **is having a hell of a time right now, as she shared with us, sort of inadvertently, in another thread. She’s sick with the flu, trying to wrap up the school year for her students, helping a friend through a rough time with his custody battles, and made the difficult decision to have her beloved dog put down - except the dog died overnight, so now she’s dealing with the unexpected loss (not to mention the logistical nightmare of dealing with a large deceased animal in her home.) In short, she’s had a really bad week, and to top it all off had one of those threads she thought was going to be a fun pressure valve snark fest that just backfired on her (which Doper hasn’t had THAT happen, I wonder?) I didn’t want to post this in that thread and hijack it, so I’ll start this one.

Rubystreak, we’ve crossed swords in the past, and in the present, and I just want to let you know I really respect you as a Doper and as a woman. We can both be headstrong and sarcastic - which I generally find delightful in both of us. I admire your wit and your strength, your humor and your good advice.

I am so, so sorry about the loss of your dog. I’m a dog lover myself, and I know how crushing that is. I wish you strength and love as you process your loss. I hope your students behave as civilized as possible for the last day of school so your day goes smoothly and you can focus on other things.

So, as irritating as it can be: Here’s huggles for Rubystreak. I’m thinking about ya, hon.

I’m posting this instead of PMing it in the hope that other Dopers want to show their love and support in this difficult time. If you have only snark, take it elsewhere, please.

I’m very sorry, Ruby, for your loss - email me if you wanna talk or vent or cry or just scream…

I’ve no idea what any bit of your post is referring to, but sucky times are still sucky times…we’ve all been there, and they’re no fun at all.

Hope things get better posthaste, Rubystreak!

The one time I met Rubystreak in person, I totally freaked her out by greeting her with a hug … so I won’t do that.

I will, however, extend a heartfelt “hang in there, kiddo.”

As well as virtual hugs, I am extending virtual tequila, virtual Godiva truffle ice cream, a virtual shoulder to cry on, and a virtual movie marathon on the couch.

In all seriousness, Ruby, if you need to vent, my email’s in my profile. {{}}

I read that as "Hope things get better prostate, Rubystreak!
That left me confused, and to be frank, scared. Hope things are going well, Miss Streak. We’re here if you need us.

Not that Rubystreak and I are exactly best buds, but that sounds like a pretty sucky week.

Here’s hoping that everything sorts itself out and you start feeling better. Drink plenty of juice! [/mom]

if you don’t like hugs, how about a handshake and a warm smile?

chin up, Ruby.


a big fan.

I’m sorry about your dog.

Rubystreak, I just lost one of my furbabies a few weeks ago, so I can feel your pain. Even when it is time for them to go they leave a whoppin’ big hole in our hearts. I am so sorry for your loss.

I hope you feel better soon, both physically and emotionally.

If you need/want to vent, my e-mail is in my profile.

Well, if we can send virtual presents, here’s a virtual hot tub to soak in and a virtual foot rub. Hope the rest of the week shapes up.

I hope next week dawns brighter and beautifully for you, Rubystreak.

Sorry to hear your news RubyStreak. Sending supporting thoughts your way.

From an old rival and current friend, you have my best wishes. If you need somebody to talk to, PM me for my MSN name.

Rubystreak: I enjoy the hell out of you. I hope that next week brings you some peace.

I put my dog down not long ago. I feel your pain.

BUTT SCRATCHES TO ALL ALIVE DOGS OUT THERE! (And hey, a butt scratch for you to Rubystreak, if you are into that)

Way too nice, you guys. You’re making me cry. Thanks. My week, even more craptacular than I’ve told you, was just made a little bit better. And I don’t even deserve it.

Fuckin’ HUGS to you all. Big ones.

scratches Rubystreak’s butt until she does that cool, involuntary leg kick thing

My favourite kind of hug!

What a seriously craptastic week. I’m so sorry about your dog and everything else. I hope this thread makes you smile a bit :slight_smile:

I want to chime in here, too!
Ruby, I am sending supportive thoughts your way. This too, shall pass, darlin’.