Rudi Gernreich's pubikini - This, I gotta see!

I got another Popular Link for the Helmut Newton photo.

You’re all perverts! I bet I get a bunch of awards for this link.

There is a point at which you do have to wonder why you’d bother wearing anything at all

And the pictured “bikini” would be a Wicked Weasel . . . no link ya pervs!

Did you notice that @Exapno_Mapcase’s link is to a website with the url “pubikini. com” which has no pages other than the page to which Exapno linked, no links to anything, nothing?

Someone went to the length of getting the specific url for the sole purpose of creating a static page showing and describing a pubikini.


A pubikini with no pubic hair? What gives?

It’s for showing your pubikarea not necessarily your pubikair. Apparently.

You are thinking of the nude beach. Head there if you want to see it all. Note, others can see you, too.

Anyway, as for this style, like the Borat monokini, sling monokini, micro-bikini, etc. it theoretically exists, but does anyone wear it? Good excuse to head to the beach in the afternoon and find out.

Many people trim their pubic hair, so it would not necessarily all hang out as you would expect from this style of garment. (Assuming anybody wears it.)

The Phoenix Art Museum recently had a special exhibit of Rudi’s fashions. Very fascinating.
They had the Monokini, but on a mannequin. (a mannikini?)

He had some interesting aesthetics. Genderless fashion - fashions that work for men and women. That didn’t catch on.

The photo linked by @Exapno_Mapcase several posts above probably would not have worked equally well for men and women.

Back in the late 1980s in Las Vegas I attended an office Halloween party. Things were a LOT looser then and there versus the current uptight corporate mores.

A plump middle-aged lady showed up in a costume which was mostly a black leotard & stockings plus ballet slippers. So far so ordinary. But it had circular bandaids over where her nipples would be and a large tapered jug cork attached at her crotch.

She said iher costume was “The bikini of the future: two bandaids and a cork.” She won the prize that night.

This pubikini thing has a long way to go to catch up to dear old what’s-her-name. Who’d be about 80 right now.

Yes! Less than a week to 50 hits!

Let’s try this one.

She might as well be naked!!

I think he also designed the uniforms for Moonbase Alpha from Space:1999.

Nice tail.

I don’t know why I saw this just now, but cool. Thanks for the link. I certainly approve of Rudy’s final creation.

It’s the girl from the cover of the novel Kyrik: Warlock Warrior

Still, that’s a hell of a last photo.

I like modern and abstract art. I enjoy art that pushes the boundary and such, but I absolutely don’t get how couture designers get so famous - or for that matter, make money. I mean, lets face it, that’s not good design - it’s just shock design.

And am I weird for not understanding a gay man’s obsession with exposing a woman’s naughty bits in public - not that I object mind you…

I think the later picture is saying " See, I was right !".

The idea was really that Gernreichs pubikini was really commentary on censorship and trends. With the brazillian wax, the tiny bikini could reveal what was the public hair area… and yet the censors were still censoring public hair. So the photo with the coloured pubic bone area was saying, is it a tattoo, is it body paint, is it public hair , is it part of the pubikini ? Well anyway it says "hey if they can show area with hair removed, why can’t it be shown with hair ??? ".

Its not a concept that Gernreich invented, “hair nude” soft pornographic art was invented in Japan ?
And Brook shields didnt show public hair, it was a hairy bikini so that didnt break any guideline about pubic hair and children and so on.

I am so not going to Google that.

Italics mine:

Auto-spell-correct is not always our friend.

Although given that the whole point of Gernreich’s invention was to render public something that usually isn’t, perhaps that’s just inspired editing. :wink: