Rue DeDays far flung Fame

So, it was another day at my place of employment. The day was filled with numerous non-events, and some small events.

As everyone who works in an office knows, e-mail fills a large part of the day. I had been in and out of Outlook, responding to e-mails and deleting many others.

Suddenly, the e-mail chime goes off again. Ah, an e-mail from our vaunted and not nearly enough appreciated Admin person. The e-mail announces a directorate wide meeting for next week, with place and date. Alas, no time was announced, but I knew our intrepid Admin would catch this minor snafu and send us the straight dope on the time.

Sure enough, a second e-mail arrives, announcing the time, with, wait for it…a Rue DeDay type sig line. Could it be? I looked again, yes, yes, it had to be.

Hmm, thought I. Hmmm, and hmm again. I didn’t think too many of my co-workers or friends knew about this vaunted board. Gosh, I am hoping against hope, that I have not given myself away in some of my Pits…Hmmm, and hmmm again. Well, I must find out if, in fact, our Admin is in fact a reader of Rue DeDay’s many, fine, meanderings.

So, I hoist myself away from the computer and take a walk downstairs. Yep, there she is. Our intrepid, most valuable employee, is quickly trying to down a late lunch.

I felt bad about interrupting her lunch, but I just had to know! “So,” I say to her, “somebody has been reading the meanderings of Rue DeDay”.

The look of recognition was clear. “Yes,” says she. Him and some others. So, I list a few more of my favorite posters and she nods. I can see she wants to be left alone to enjoy her lunch. So, off I go. Anonymous no more, alas.

What a small, small world it is after all. Even in cyberspace

So what was the sig?

To completely hijack, but on the small cyberspace theme, I ran into Steve Wozniak’s son online earlier this week.

The sig was “(her name), putting the A.D.D. in Admin Assistant”