Ruh Roh - A girl from 20 years ago looking for me

So today I logged into Facebook and found a message for a woman.

Back story:

When I was 17 I moved to Destin, FL with my band (and man did that piss my parents off) because our drummer moved out there with his family. This was in 1987.

We rented a little house and played shows in various places down there. We also had shitty jobs. Not a lot of cash. Oh, I also finished High School down there.

The big thing to do was to go hang out on the beach in front of the hotels and look for girls to pick up. These hotels were high priced and usually what would happen is that we’d hook up with a girl (sometimes getting laid, sometimes not) and usually the girls would end up wanting to go out. The response was ‘I’M broke, lets go to the beach’. A lot of the time the girls would want do something else and pick up the tab*.

So I met this girl M down there. She was smoking hot. Just absolutely beautiful. A very sweet woman. We hung out for two weeks. When she went back home we mailed each other a ridiculous number of letters. She came down a second time and during that time we were together all the time. I lived in her hotel room for those two weeks.

At one point after that our t.v. died. I mentioned that in a letter to M in passing (‘It sucks, our t.v. died’). A couple weeks later a new t.v. showed up at our house. M had bought it and had it shipped to me. I was totally floored. I tried to give it back but she insisted I keep it.

After a little while I moved back to my hometown because the band broke up. I mailed her my new address but never heard anything from her after that.

So today I got a message from M asking if I was the guy in Destin that she knew.

The question is if she is just looking for me because she is feeling nostalgic or if there is a little (well probably not so little by now) Slee jr. running around.

I responded back to her. We’ll see what she has to say.


*Some of the guys down there purposely picked up girls looking to get free dinner or what ever. Some of the girls would buy guys anything. I always found that to be skeevy. IIRC, M was the only girl who ever bought me anything.

Cool story. Let us know how it turns out!

Yeah, after your recent traumas, this will at least be a bit of a distraction for you. (A few months after last year’s devastating breakup I ended up in circumstances that rekindled a 10-year-old fling, with very pleasing results… :slight_smile: It only lasted a week, but it was what I needed at the time.)

Would love to hear what (if anything) happens!

I was going to ask if you were the mother of my SIL, who just found her birth Mom on Facebook. I see you’ve got a different story. Either way, it’s a wonder.

My reply to her asking if I was the so-and-so she knew back when would be, “That depends on how much child support that person owes you.”


I just got a message back from her, her kids are too young to be mine.

That is a bit of a relief.

One of her responses gives me a bit of an ego boost.

Guess I made an impression.

olivesmarch4th, I’ve got the wrong bits to be a mother…


Last year I heard from a girl who had been my best friend in school*. We were in the same classes from K all the way through 11th grade. Then she vanished. No one that I knew, ever knew what became of her.

40 years later she sent me an email after finding my address via google. Turns out her Dad had a work situation where the entire family had to pack up and move from East Coast to West Coast in about 7 days with no advance notice. The job turned out to be good, the living was great, yada, yada. She had been looking up old friends to see who was alive. We exchanged some updates and now she’s gone incommunicado again.

Oh well, if I live to be 100, maybe we’ll exchange birthday cards.

(*For those of you not raised in the 50’s and 60’s, it was entirely possible to have female friends without ever having sex. Sex was something we read about in Playboy but didn’t get to put in practice very often until college)

You actually remember all that stuff from “those days”?

Neat story.

And, hypothetically, if it were for Slee jr, it would be beneficial for your children to know your medical history.

As for back child support, if they are over 18 before you were notified of their existence, I “think” its de facto impossible to force a paternity test on you or collect back child support.

Uh, did you forget about that time she spit into the cup and put it in the fridge . . .? :stuck_out_tongue:

The downside to the Intertoobs is that it’s easy to find people. I had a girlfriend back in college in 1967 who I later realized was a complete fookin’ psycho. She ended up cheating on me, getting pregnant, and it was all a very traumatic affair. I was well rid of her and never looked back.

A few years ago I get an email out of the blue from this nutcase. Her daughter found me on the web after seeing a photo of me that this wingnut apparently still has, and dug up my email address. She wanted to re-establish contact after 40 years, which I had zero interest in, so I ignored the email. She sent a follow-up, telling me that she knew I read her email and that she would continue to send one every year on my birthday. Thankfully, that never happened.