Rules the world taught you...

What informal rules did you learn when you were younger, that still tend to influence your behaviour or outlook today? I ask specifically of rules that you learned or that were revealed to you through experience, not through formal lessons.

Here are some of mine…

Hurrying a task does not get it done faster, unless you are very organized.

You can’t run away from problems. [sub]Even though I still try…[/sub]

You shouldn’t go out with the ex of anyone you know.

You shouldn’t rent from anyone you know.

Intelligence is much less important in the working world than social skills and willpower.

Despite all protest to the contrary, your style of dress and your car do matter.

One’s personal art doesn’t pay the bills.

If you’re about to be talked into something, and your intuition is screaming, No! Don’t do it!, follow your intuition.

You shouldn’t go out with anyone significantly older or younger than yourself.

The only reliable way to meet people is to be thrown together in the same environment (school or work, for example) for some time. You will be rejected if you simply start speaking to a stranger.

<in my experience>
You won’t get the chance to go out with anyone richer, more gorgeous, or more famous than you; money and image will always be more important than love and friendship.

You also won’t get the chance to go out with anyone from another culture; family objections will prove more important and lasting than cross-cultural interest.
</in my experience>

The fat lady rarely sings, and when she does, she’s usually mute.

A sock ball will eventually land in the washing machine sink. A laod of laundry will then be done. Flooding will ensue.

Facts are not enough to convince the thickest of skulls.

Never have an affair with a good friend of your girl-friend, they might talk about it. (Hey, I was young, dumb and full of…)

Common sense isn’t.

There’s rarely time to do it right, but there’s always time to do it over.

Lying always catches up to you.

Love, Laugh, and Learn. They are the most God-like things of which we poor suckers are capable.

“You shouldn’t go out with anyone significantly older or younger than yourself.”
personally I to put as few limits on who I date as possible, I mean if you wanna find a lifelong mate it doesnt make any sense to start by saying “ok I wont date anyone who’s…”

if its leagal then who cares. my current is 19, my most current ex is 38, I’m 33.

Don’t touch a breast unless you know you’re allowed.

Don’t say anything about someone, unless you are willing to have everyone find out about it. (As in personal secrets, or “I think her butt is too big”. People will be told. People will find out.)

Try not to obsess too much over those who wrong you. This is a toughie, I don’t always follow my own rule. But I have also seen first-hand that Karma does exact revenge (or “justice”) on assholes. So usually you don’t need to.

Usually the best TV shows get cancelled first, so if you find something you like, be sure to tape it right away.

When people don’t understand something, they often like to pretend it doesn’t exist. (I’m sure I’m as guilty of this as the next person!)

When people don’t understand something you are doing, they often want to get you to stop doing it. It doesn’t matter how useful the thing is you are doing, or how happy the thing makes you. They will want you to stop doing it.

When painting a landscape on location, it’s the looking and painting that are most important. If the painting turns out to be really bad, it doesn’t matter. You spent the time absorbing the scenery, that’s the most important thing.

At restaurants, always complain about the poor service after you have received your food.

90 percent of the world would rather be given bs that makes them feel good or better rather than the truth which might be uncomfortable or painful

90 percent of anyone’s morality is disposable and will be adjusted at will or circumstance

there’s no such thing as total good or total evil because it wraps around and merges to the same thing

everyone has their own hyprocracies

This one I didn’t learn myself, a friend told me from his own experiences: “Never piss off a guy who’s about to give you a tatoo.”
I’d say it’s a rule I’ll always follow.

Well hell, Ramoth (East Indian) and myself (White as white can be) are still going quite strong, after, oh, a year and a half now… her parents love me.

If you sense that your SO is cheating on you, you’re probably right–even if you don’t have concrete proof. ALWAYS follow your instincts!

Don’t not do something because you think it won’t make a difference. If it reaches just one person, you’ve done your job.

In a fight… a real fight: hit first, hard and often. Hit below the belt. Go for the windpipe. Jab your thumb into your opponant’s eye. Bite, scratch, kick. And when they’re down kick them really hard to make sure they stay down. It’s way better to be a dirty fighter than a noble fighter in a hospital.

Never have a good friend as a roommate.

Lend money, but with the attitude that it’ll probably never be payed back. And if your not okay with that, don’t lend it.

Don’t waste your time with people who use anger or guilt manipulate you. Same with people who play The Victim to get what they want.

A poorly paying job that you love beats a great paying job that makes you miserable hands-down.

Ain’t that the truth. If I were the kind of person who gave a crap about debts, my best friend would owe me several hundred dollars, all of it in $1 bills…

Don’t trust anyone until they give you at least three good reasons to trust them.

The world does judge you based upon the way you present yourself, personality, looks, how much money you make, and the car you drive.

Always look out for #1

Sometimes you have to step on others so you don’t get stepped on.

Never listen to what people say. Watch what they DO.

Oh, I forgot another important one. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

The rule which immediately came to mind is: ‘Never go out with(date) anyone who is or has been seeing a therapist’

That may be hard for those of you in California or perhaps Long Island, from what I understand, but where I’ve lived doesn’t exclude that significant a percentage of the populace.

I also disagree with the poster who said, “never have a good friend for a room-mate”. I suppose that applies if you are very meticulous or ideosyncratic, but if easygoing isn’t a big problem. I’ve had very good luck with friends as roommates.

only 90%? :slight_smile:

i’d say the best rule that i follow is,

no matter what anyone else says, follow your instinct.

i don’t give a damn whether my friends tell me to do this or that, i just do whatever feels right.
it’s saved me from many, many spelling errors :slight_smile:


Everything in life comes in threes. If you have a problem, come up with three solutions. One of them will work.

Never fuck with other people’s time, money or people. Youl will avoid about 80% of life’s problems.

When you have problems, look for solutions, not blame.

Everyone has some things they cannot do. Don’t push it (I couldn’t tape anything correctly if you put a gun to my head).

I can’t do what you can do, and you can’t do what I can do. But together we can do anything.

Shit happens.