Rumor: "Metropolis" series coming to the CW to be set in the Arrowverse

A new Superman series set in the Arrowverse and starring Tyler Hoechlin, called A Metropolis, is rumored to debut on the CW and will be produced by Greg Berlanti, overall show runner for the Arrowverse shows. It may replace Supergirl, but will definitely cross over with that show.

If this rumor is true, and at this time it’s unconfirmed elsewhere, I’ll definitely watch.

He makes a very likable Superman. I’m currently suffering through the latest season of Supergirl on Netflix. It would have to be better than that.

Hate to bear bad news, but Cosmic Book News is notoriously made up, and comes with a healthy dosage of MRA, Comicsgate-y, ‘SJWs are ruining comics’ pills.

Yeah, like I said, take the news with a huge cellarful of salt.

From the title my first hope was a visualisation of Janelle Monae’s Mayweatherverse. That sounded like something I’d like to see.

I thought they were going to make a series based on the movie Metropolis.

I think my idea is better. Look what happened to Krypton.

Believe it or not, I was actually disappointed to read the OP to learn Metropolis was going to be that Metropolis and not the Metropolis.

Although at least I understand now that Superman isn’t going to battle Joh Fredersen.

DC already announced a Metropolis show last year. But it’s going to be on their streaming service and focus on the city prior to the arrival of Superman. And produced by the team that did Gotham, not the CW shows. Last anyone knew it’s been delayed:

Hmm, I wonder if it would be possible to set any more stories in Lang’s Metropolis. If you could keep the setting and the look, and create some good characters and plots, you might really have something.

There is, in fact, a Metropolis-inspired Superman comic.

Bumping this. It has been confirmed a Superman series is in active development for the CW. Titled Superman and Los Lane, it will star Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch in the lead roles.

I’m stoked if it will have some of the flavor of Lois and Clark.

Okay, we had Gotham before Batman, maybe someday we’ll get a Metropolis before Supes.

Next? *Coast City *with young test pilot Hal Jordan, Atlantis Above The Waves, Kurt Busiek’s Astro City

And Saint Canard, gritty tales of the city that needs a Darkwing Duck.