Supergirl And The Flash crossover

It’s supposed to happen on March 28th. I suspect this episode will be better than the Dawn of Justice movie.

And I hope that somehow, Cat Grant and Harrison Wells get to snark at each other.

I like both shows. This should be really cool. I do think in order for continuity to make any sense, the story will have to be that Barry somehow drops into a parallel universe since Flash and Arrow have strongly implied Heroes are very new and there is no Superman but even if they throw that all out and play it straight that could still be fun.

It’s called Worlds Finest, and this season of Flash is all about the multiverse, so it’s obviously a multiverse story.

There was a scene early in Supergirl where Kara and Alex are talking about Kara having told Winn (and as far as Alex knew, James)… ‘Is it really OK to tell your friends?’ ‘Yes! Because they’re my friends!’

If that doesn’t come up when she meets Barry, I will be mightily disappointed. ‘Wait, it didn’t get them killed? But Joe and Dr Welles told me…’

I’m looking forward to it as well. It’ll be nice to see to optimistic heroes teaming up.

Side topic–now that Constantine has crossed over into the Arrowverse, I’d really love for them to spend a little time wrapping up Constantine’s huge freakin’ cliffhanger.

The Flash is visiting Supergirl, so it looks like Barry will be dimension-hopping into Kara’s universe. But it would be great if Supergirl actually took place in the same universe as Flash/Arrow/LoT (and Constantine). The crossovers would be spectacular.

I heard somewhere (no, I don’t remember where) that if Legends of Tomorrow goes to a second season, Constantine’s joining the team.