The Flash S02E16: Trajectory

Add this to the list of strange things we know about Earth-2: Beyoncé is a Senator.

Last episode, when I said that we should have seen Team Flash having some fun after rescuing Jesse from the clutches of Zoom, I was expecting something like this week’s nightclub scene. That was a welcome, albeit brief, break from worrying about Zoom. (I wonder if they shot in the now disused Verdant nightclub set from Arrow.) It seems strange that Iris would bring Wally along, only to have everyone abandon him at the bar.

This week’s metahuman was a fun foil – someone way, way faster than the Flash who wasn’t Zoom. Plus she served to actually drive the overarching plot forward. Team Flash now knows that Jay and Zoom are somehow related. They think Jay is Zoom, while we, the viewers, know that Jay-Garrick is different than Jay-Zoom. (We are supposed to know the latter, aren’t we?)

I’m genuinely surprised the episode didn’t end with Barry pushing himself in hopes of catching up with the unmaintainable pace – and falling out of it in Supergirl’s world.

Same here. And wow, the fate of Trajectory.

That would have been a great cliffhanger. From S.T.A.R. Labs’ point of view, both Barry and Trajectory would be missing and all they’d have left would be Trajectory’s costume.

Yeah, that bugged me a lot. I’m really confused how they’re going to have him appear in SG’s universe and still tie it into Flash’s continuity.

I agree. I thought he’d wind up there and maybe stop the bank robbery that’s mentioned at the end of the last Supergirl episode. She was hesitating about going to stop it because people don’t trust her now. If an unknown superpowered being shows up, bet she’ll head right over.

I thought the same and this would have been a cool idea but I know inter network cross overs are hard enough to get done. Maybe CW was okay with a half second Supergirl cameo from a few weeks ago and doing the cross over in general (and having a presumably paid advertisement for it during the ad break) but advertising it in the show itself as a cliff hanger was possibly too much.

CBS owns the C half of the CW, they likely could have done whatever they wanted.

It’s dumb they’re in different universes in the first place, though. If it was Captain Marvel or something that’d be okay, but Barry should always be from an Earth with a Superman etc.

I think the problem is they wanted Superheroes to be a new thing in The Flash and Arrow and Supergirl establishes Superman has been around for years.

Yes, they started the episode off with a “previouslies” shot of Zoom dropping Jay’s body on the ground, taking off his mask, and it’s some world’s version of Jay.