Rumsfield claims a trained ape could manage war better than Obama

That assholes have the right of free speech in no way means that they are not still assholes. And them being called on it in no way limits their free speech.
Care to defend your position instead of whining?

The absence of apes is not aping absence.

If I expressed a preference, it would be for you to smarten up. I realize that is indeed “death” in a manner of speaking to someone of your current mindset, but so be it.

Wait. I know the rule, which is why I removed the posters name from the quote box. How is that a violation? I even bolded the portion that I altered.

Oh, you removed the poster’s name! So nobody would have any idea who you were quoting! Unless they were reading the thread, or scrolled up 4 posts to figure it out. It’s hard to play dumb when dumb is what you’re known for.

On review, I find this:

I found the formatting didn’t lend itself to easy use of copy-paste quoting, hence some square brackets modified to actual quote symbols which despite being something I find a tad amusing, I trust does not qualify as a malicious modification.

That sentence in the middle is kind of Second-Amendmenty in that it’s unclear if the post has to be a parody or if the specific lack of attaching a name is what matters.

I acknowledge that this is likely not the best place for such an inquiry and won’t mention it again in this thread pending indication that is considered appropriate to do so.

There is, we call it Congress. It is the opposite of progress. Say, do you by any chance know what a gathering of baboons is called? A troop. Calling it a congress is unfair to baboons.

[substitute here your ethnic joke of choice, e.g., “The St. Patrick’s Day Parade!”]

And, apropos of nothing:

There once was a sacred baboon
Who lived by the river Rangoon
And all of the women
Who came to go swimmin’
He’d bang by the light of the Moon!

<3 <3 <3

When I read this, I heard Patriotic Music in the background, and I must andmit: I cried. A little.

I think all of us leaked something from somewhere.

Charlie, I think you’d be better off to tell us specifically which actions Obama took or didn’t take regarding foreign policy that were unwise and tell us how he could have done better. First of all, leave Michelle out of it. If Putin’s beef with the Ukrainians concerned childhood obesity, perhaps you could bring her into it. But she is uninvolved with foreign policy. Again, please focus on the actions and not your personal feelings about Obama. Perhaps he looks different than you do, but please look beyond that. You might do well to ignore the commentaries of certain people. Both John McCain and Mitt Romney are quite upset that they lost elections to this guy, so they’re going to sprint to a microphone to crucify Obama every time anything happens in the world. It’s guaranteed. I believe you suffer from information toxicity, too much intake of right wing propaganda and a shortage of real information.Tell you what, give yourself a week and from 9-11 each night, watch Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell. You’ll be better for it.

Nice try. Everyone knows 9-11 was an inside job.

Charlie/Lazlo has only made one post since his last one in this thread. I wonder where he went?

The CIA brought them down with micro-nano-thermite placed there by . . . trained apes‽ :eek:

CMC fnord!

Made me think of:

Did you re-type Marley’s entire post in order to quote it, but with different formatting? Is that something you do all the time (when you’re not banging underage retarded girls, of course)?

:confused: To me, the formatting in post #126 looks the same as in post #35.

Could be a reason for that… Are you incapable of telling the difference between capital and lower case letters in the English alphabet?